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Prison. Earl's still there. The slogan is now "Available for film locations." Earl shoves his belongings into the pillowcase on which he started writing his new list. Frank can't believe Earl is getting out. Earl suggests that Frank and Paco could get out early too, if they did good deeds, but Frank says he doesn't have time. Even though he's got twenty years left on his sentence. Paco presents Earl with a mirror with stripes down it, like the bars of a jail cell, so Earl can remember his time in prison.

Joy and Darnell show up to see Earl get out. Carmelita is already there. Joy is pissed that Carmelita is there, and wonders how she plans to get Earl home, and if he'll "ride bitch on [her] donkey." Carmelita retorts, "No, if he wanted to ride bitch, he'd climb on your back." As Joy would say, "Oh, snap!" Randy walks up and asks if they're all there to see him and Earl do "one of them super-slow running hugs like they did in that movie, Cherries of Fire." Randy demonstrates how he's been practicing. Carmelita spots Earl walking toward the gate as "Take The Long Way Home" by Supertramp plays. Earl asks the guard to open the gate. Darnell says he brought Earl a caramel apple because "all the sweet stuff's on the outside." The guard says that Earl is not on today's release list, and Earl takes off to talk to the warden.

In his office, Warden Coach admits that he shredded Earl's certificates. Earl, who's been put in shackles because Warden Coach figured he'd be pissed, is pissed. He reminds the warden that they shook on their deal, and both their hands were damp, so it made a farting noise, and they both giggled. Warden Coach says that he can't let Earl go, because with Earl's help, he's actually looking like a competent prison administrator. Warden Coach offers up a new deal: if Earl helps him, he won't send Earl to solitary. Earl says it's a deal, and then knees the warden in the nuts. So Earl is thrown in solitary.

Joy is still waiting. She points out that they haven't sat outside a prison this long since they tailgated when that guy got executed. For the record, Darnell is against capital punishment. Joy and Darnell get in their car, despite Randy begging them to stay. Carmelita has to go so that she can get a seat on the bus. Randy is the only one left waiting.

Earl VOs that the point of solitary is to break down a prisoner's mental state, but he was allowed by law to go to church services every week. Except that the warden makes him do so while locked in a big box that looks like a coffin with a peephole. He's also allowed a daily shower and an hour of exercise, all within the box. "Hocus Pocus" by Focus starts up. Ooh, I used to have that song on a mix tape. Anyway, Earl decides that getting out of solitary isn't all it's cracked up to be. And speaking of cracking up, that's what Earl starts to do. He tries to play charades with himself, gobbles like a turkey, conducts an imaginary orchestra, break dances, and pretends to be a cuckoo clock. Earl is losing it. After sixty days, the warden opens the door and asks Earl if he's ready to work for the prison again. Earl says that he exchanged his legs for magic beans, so he probably can't walk. The warden helps Earl up and says that he needs help getting the prison decorated for Christmas. Earl is out of it, and Randy asks if he wants to lie down. Earl says he'll be fine soon, because he plans to escape.

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