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Earl wants to make reparations, so he stops by Joy's sideways trailer to get the carpet they stole from Joel's house. While Billie uses the bathroom (a toilet seat Joy put on the exhaust fan,) Earl asks if he and Joy had trouble getting used to each other when they were first married. Joy says there were a lot of things that annoyed them about each other, like Earl's raised eyebrow when he thinks, and his idea of foreplay. She tells Darnell, "You wouldn't believe this guy's foreplay. It was just a wrestling match to see who got to be on the bottom. " Darnell snickers, "I bet that was a hoot to watch. You all red-faced, trying to get out of doing work. " Joy concludes that marriage is "accepting all the annoying crap your partner makes you put up with. " Sadly, that's pretty true. I think that was actually in my wedding vows. We might have worded it a little more poetically though. Earl thinks this over, and then uses his finger to push his eyebrow back down.

Randy hauls the carpet up to Joel's house and reminisces with Earl about the time he thought he could fly on the carpet, hit his head, and thought he owned an insurance company. You know, along with the souffle humor mentioned last week (an idea I will admit I stole from Adam Carolla), television today doesn't have enough "get hit in the head and become a different person " humor or quicksand humor. Those were all staples of the '70s sitcom. Anyway, Billie knocks on Joel's door and reads a speech about her List and how she wants to make up for stealing from him. Joel is suspicious (and has a million security cameras watching his front door) but ultimately lets them in to put the carpet back.

Joel says that the robbery wasn't even the worst thing that happened to him that day. Flashback to Joel coming home from the competition and seeing graffiti on the wall that says "Tea-bagger. Get it? " Family hour. I'm just saying. Joel punches the wall and breaks his hand. Present-day Joel shows Earl his deformed and twisted pinky finger. Randy is standing behind Joel, retching, and I am right there with him. It is GROSS. Even knowing it's fake, it's still gross. Anyway, the damaged finger ended Joel's bagging career. Billie is ready to hit the road until Earl explains that they can't cross Joel off the List yet, because they haven't truly helped him. Billie doesn't see the big deal, and Earl is perplexed: He and Billie are having a fundamental disagreement about the most important thing in his life - the List.

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