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Father Hash Brown

Earl and Randy are at a church carnival, because they always try to make it to church when they have cheap food and games. Joy and Darnell are there, too, and she's drunk. Catalina's there, and she's won all sort of prizes, which really pisses Joy off. Darnell says it's time to go, but she's not driving since she's had 25 Dixie cups of wine. He won't give her the keys, so she says she hates him and is walking. Earl says these are the days he's glad Darnell stole her. Randy's glad every day. Are there actually days when Earl's not glad about that, because I don't think it shows.

Earl explains Joy first lost her shoe on the way home, and then her mind. She steals a riding lawn mower and drunk-drives it right into Catalina, who falls onto the hood. Joy thinks she killed her: "Oh, snap." She beelines (if a bee were drunk) to an abandoned shed. She runs Catalina into a wall with the mower, and it wakes Catalina. She's so glad Catalina's not dead, so instead of leaving her in this shed and burning it up, it can now be a funny story they tell people. Catalina thinks the police will think it's real funny. Joy says she has two kids and two strikes, so can't go to jail. Catalina screams, and Joy tells her no one will hear her except for her while she's walking away. I find drunk Joy so annoying, it makes me want to scream. Catalina says the psychic was right: She is going to die in a shed, pinned to the wall by a lawn mower. I wonder if someone actually thought that was funny in the writing process? Because it really isn't. [I think they more likely saw Stuck and thought, "Hey, that was pretty funny! Wouldn't it be funnier if Joy did it?" - Zach]

At the carnival, Randy and Earl are going to leave, but then they see a familiar guy, who happens to be number 35 on Earl's list. We flash back to the time Earl and Randy heard about selling organs on the black market, so they stole an organ from a church (under the guise of picking it up for routine maintenance). The reverend was the guy who looks familiar. Despite Randy's protests, Earl insists they go talk to him. Because he trusts what karma's telling him.

They approach the reverend, and Earl confesses about stealing the organ, and about the list and turning his life around. The reverend says they're not that different. He used to be called "Hash Brown," because he would grind people's face up like hash browns if they looked at him wrong. We get a flashback of him using a machine gun to threaten someone for not inviting his niece to their birthday party. The reverend prays, thanking God for bring Earl here. Earl tells him he can get the organ back. He hears it survived the Camden circus fire in perfect condition.

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