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Father Hash Brown

Joy says they can't kill her; maybe cut out her tongue, but not kill her. Darnell says she's planning to go to the cops, and he has a strict moral hierarchy: God, family, country. Nowhere on that list are strippers that threaten his wife. He says there's no choice. Catalina appeals to Darnell, because they've been friends for so long. He says he likes her, but he's killed people he likes way more than her. I actually think they should have killed her off, since her character is normally so useless and this one story is so stupid that I would actually rather she go away completely. Joy tells Darnell she came to him because he's always the voice of reason. She didn't know he'd be all, "Faster, Pussycat, Kill, Kill!" He says he's still the voice of reason, so she should shut her hole and start digging one.

At the Sunday service, Earl finds out his volunteer service is to be part of the sermon, where the reverend is talking about forgiveness. Earl looks around the church, and introduces himself as "white," because he's the only white person in the room (except Randy). "Um, I mean Earl." The reverend talks about how Earl didn't have to confess, but he did, and the reverend forgave him, which are the tests from God: Can you confess, and can you forgive? He preaches loudly and annoyingly about how everyone needs to let it out. People start standing up and confessing, and they all holler, "We forgive you." The last one is the reverend's wife, who confesses she slept with Earl. Uh-oh. I think he's on the list again.

Flashback: Randy and Earl had figured out how to pick up chicks outside of prison. Earl and Randy do this skit as the reverend's wife comes out. Earl explains to "ex-con" Randy that he is a prisoner's advocate and can help people get out, and implies that the payment he accepts is sex from prisoners' wives. The reverend's wife wants to know if he can really help get her husband out, and then she says he is kind of cute. The reverend asks his wife: "So, while I was in prison, you were grinding on Jeff Foxworthy over here." Earl thanks him for the Jeff Foxworthy compliment (heh) and then says that if it makes him feel better, it only happened once in his house. The reverend tries to pray for strength to forgive Earl. He thinks he's failing , but then realizes the Lord must mean for him to be Hash Brown. He punches Earl right in the front of the church. Earl tries to tell him it's hard to interpret God's instructions, but the reverend punches him again. Hash Brown steals everything from the church, since God talked him into not selling crack, so he's out a lot of money. He leaves the church with a cry of "Hash Brown is back!"

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