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Meanwhile, Joy's trying to right her own wrong: losing Mr. Turtle. She's doing this by trying to replace him with another turtle. She goes to the hotel to try to get Earl to choose which of the two turtles she's found looks more like Mr. Turtle. He's not there, though, so Catalina fills in. The writers of the show felt like they had to give her her obligatory two minutes of airtime, so she gets this. She tells Joy that one of the turtles looks more like Richard Dreyfuss (which is who Mr. Turtle always reminded her of), but the other one acts more like Richard Dreyfuss. She chooses the one that acts like him. Joy leaves the other turtle with Catalina.

Rachel and Daniel are still showing photos to Earl. They're currently showing him Ronnie's high school graduation, where they didn't know Ronnie wouldn't graduate until his name wasn't called. Right then, Ronnie tells them they'll have to get a ride to work tomorrow, since he needs the car. Rachel sweetly asks, "What for, Sugarlump?" Ronnie yells at her, "Does everything have to be a debate with you, Rachel?! Just give me the stupid car!" He goes downstairs, and Daniel and Rachel explain to Earl that kids just go through phases. Right then Ronnie asks where his pee bottles are, and his mom says they're in the dishwasher. She also apologizes. And, oh my god, seriously? There are about 337 things wrong with this moment, but I'll focus on a few: 1. Pee bottles. PEE BOTTLES. Because he can't walk up the stairs, they explain, because it's so far. 2. Pee bottles washed in the dishwasher. With the dishes. That you EAT OFF OF. 3. Her apologizing for not having his pee bottles at his disposal. 4. He was JUST upstairs, so the long walk can't be an excuse. He could have just gone before going back down. I get that this is the whole point of it, but it's still disturbing and weird.

Daniel and Rachel are all, "Kids! What are you gonna do?" Earl says Ronnie's not a kid and should probably be out on his own. Daniel says they told him to look for an apartment, and even gave him one month's rent, but he blew it all in one night taking a call girl to an Ultimate Fighting match. Randy thinks this is cool. And Rachel says she was a doll, and they really hoped Ronnie would go out with her again, but he couldn't afford it. Earl says this is why karma brought him here: He was responsible for Ronnie becoming their baby, so maybe he should be responsible for Ronnie becoming a man. They resist a little bit, because he's their baby. Earl says Ronnie needs tough love, and he'll take over from here. Right then, Ronnie calls from downstairs that he thinks the cops might be coming, since the neighbor just saw him peeing out the window. Cut to Earl dragging Ronnie out of the house, kicking and screaming. Randy assures Rachel and Daniel that Earl's good at teaching people stuff. Just then Ronnie gets away, and Randy blocks him across the chest, flipping him over and knocking him down (I'm sure there are terms for all of these moves, but I'm not a fighter). [I believe that's called a "clothesline." - Zach] Randy turns back to them and says, "He taught me that." It's very cute.

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