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Earl's determined to stay tough and make Ronnie independent. He gets Ronnie his own hotel room, which he paid for for three days. Ronnie has that long to get a job, and then he's on his own. Ronnie asks when his allowance is, and Randy says, "Fridays." In a high-pitched voice, Earl lies there's no allowance. Ronnie needs to find a job. They leave Ronnie.

Darnell has Fake Mr. Turtle on a hamster wheel. The turtle's not moving, so Darnell says something's wrong with him. "By now, he's usually spun this thing a whole quarter-turn." Joy says Darnell might have worked him out too much, but Darnell thinks he probably tried to hump his heating rock again, since the rejection always depresses him.

Back at the hotel room, Earl is brushing his teeth, while he tells Randy (who's in the bathroom with the door closed) he's always wondered how good he'd be at raising a teenager. He brushes really messy, with frothy toothpaste hanging out of his mouth. As Randy flushes and comes out, Earl finishes up and passes the toothbrush to Randy, who grabs it and starts brushing without rinsing or washing his hands. It's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen, so I can hardly concentrate on the conversation (which I don't think matters anyway). It's something about: Randy's nervous raising Ronnie, and now understands why their mom drank.

Earl checks the bullet hole and sees Ronnie's just laying on the bed watching TV. [Which means Ronnie's staying in Cappie and Lloyd's old room! - Z] Earl takes the TV away, and Ronnie yells he hates him! The next day, Ronnie's still doing nothing but drumming on a dresser drawer. Earl moves everything out of the room, and Ronnie yells that he hates him. Next day, Ronnie's just playing with his zipper, so Earl takes his clothes, and yells, "I hate you more!" before Ronnie can yell it. Earl reminds him he's kicked out tomorrow if he doesn't get a job.

Joy's trying to get Mr. Turtle to walk. It's as boring as it sounds. Basically, she rubs his belly and threatens him. The Dog Whisperer, she ain't. [Actually, she seemed to be rubbing a specific area of Fake Mr. Turtle's anatomy, promising him more of that if he'll just walk a little bit. It's kinda dirty and gross, and I felt uncomfortable watching it. - Z]

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My Name Is Earl




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