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No Turtles Were Harmed In This Episode

Back in the present, Earl's telling Randy he was worried sick. Randy doesn't get why. He says he did just what Earl would have done: Put on a suit when you have something important to do. Be honest about the wallet. Take care of your Randy. Earl realizes that all you can do is teach them the best you can and trust they'll find their way. Ronnie's telling his parents how great it was being called "Sir" and treated with respect. He decides to go back to school and move out of the house -- and into the garage. Which is at least a step in the right direction.

Back at the hotel, Randy says Earl didn't think he could take care of himself. Earl admits it, but says he was wrong. Randy says being a grown-up's easy, but it's not his thing, because "You're only as good as your last idea, Earl." He tells Earl he's going to take extra-special care of his suit, in case anything happens to Earl. He then stuffs the suit in a garbage bag and throws it across the room. Which is only funny because you know that really is Randy's version of taking extra-special care. They say good night to each other, and we zoom out of the room and into the parking lot as a song I've never heard that keeps repeating "A slow journey" plays and then fades out as Mr. Turtle walks in a sad little circle. He's totally on his way home. And he better make it.

A giant Mr. Turtle comes on the screen and tells us that no turtles were harmed in this episode, "So, please, no letters, crackpots." Well, I wasn't going to write you a letter about the turtles, but now I might write one complaining about you calling me a crackpot, show.

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