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Probed Again

Stuart questions Earl, who doesn't remember where they were, but knows they were drunk, since it was "night." Stuart lies that Randy confessed, and says if Earl doesn't confess, he'll get the death penalty for sure. Earl's not buying it, because he knows all about "reverse biology," since he's not an idiot. Jeff asks if his brother would buy it, and Randy looks unsure. Jeff tells Randy that Earl says they did it, and Randy's all, "If he says we did it, we probably did, but I don't know. It sounds a little strange." Earl bangs on the wall and tells Randy they're lying to him, but the cop says the banging is Earl's head being slammed against the wall until Randy confesses, so Randy does. Geraldo's back at Yummy Donuts, saying Earl and Randy hired the only lawyer they would afford: Wilfrid Dierkis.

The Hickeys and their lawyer sit down with Inside Probe before the trial. Geraldo asks what their strategy is, and Wilfrid says he's going to plead "insanity" for Earl and "retardedy" for Randy. I know I shouldn't laugh, but "retardedy" is a funny-sounding word. Earl tells Geraldo they didn't do this, and he has to help them. Earl can't go to jail, because he had a dream he went to jail and got out and got hit by car and put in a coma. He says: "Come on, me in a coma? Nobody wants to see that!" Which... how very true. If only they had realized that sooner, before they had an entire plotline in which he was in a coma. I guess I should give them credit for realizing and calling out their own mistake. But I won't. Geraldo says public opinion is against them, so it looks like they're going away. Or are they?

We're back with Michael Waltrip, who remembers the night Ernie disappeared. Waltrip agreed to re-enact it for them with the help of the Inside Probe actors. Waltrip was driving through Camden between races, so he stopped to see Ernie. He sat at the bar for an hour or so when a drunk woman offered to flash him if he'd buy a beer and share it. He wasn't drinking, so he said no, but she flashed him anyway. Then the woman's husband is in his face demanding Waltrip buys them all beers. Then the brother comes up and wants a cheeseburger and will pull his pants down. Waltrip figured since beers are only $1, he'd buy them all one. The woman passes out. And the guys are pretty drunk, too, but fun, so Waltrip decided to hang out with them and "be their designated two-time Daytona-winning driver." Not that he's bragging. Fortunately, he takes a lot of pictures, so he has a complete record of that night with Earl and Randy. (They all lit farts and car-surfed.) With that, the Hickeys were released and sent home (to the Crab Shack), where Joy is not happy because she was having an affair with Darnell, of course.

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