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Joy's Toe Woes

Earl doesn't like to drive, but he's generous enough to drive Catalina to work on those occasions where she's so late she'll have to change in the car. It couldn't be because he gets to watch her change, could it? He's taking it slow to watch the show in his passenger seat, but Catalina asks him to please hurry since it's "Disabled Learner Day" at work -- she doesn't want to get stuck with Jed, who's paralyzed from the waist down, so you never know if you're doing a good job. I'm no stripper, but I think I'd prefer the waist-down paralysis in lap-dance situations. I'm just saying...

Unfortunately, Earl's engine won't go over 40 ever since Randy put his gum in the gas tank. He did this even though Earl told him bubbles wouldn't come out of the exhaust. Oh, Randy! You're even adorable and funny when you're not actually on-screen.

Right then, Earl sees a big yellow pile of something on the side of the road. Somehow, he can tell this is a used hot tub, so he pulls over. See, he needs a hot tub because he owes one to Joy. It's No. 72 on his list, in fact: "cost Joy a hot tub."

Flash back to Joy looking at herself in the mirror as a title card says 2001. Joy's wearing a shiny blue dress with a leopard-print halter-ish top that I'm sure is supposed to look tacky, but is actually pretty smokin' on Joy. That's probably mostly because Jaime Pressly could look good in almost anything, but also because the royal blue actually weirdly works with that print.

She's hair-spraying her hair, and Earl's waking up in the bed next to her. He says, "Wakey, wakey. Hands on snakey?" Classy. See how much of a step up Darnell is? I am quite certain that he'd never utter those words. Anyway, Joy can't do it, because she has a job as spokesmodel at BarbeTubbaCon, Camden's barbecue-hot tub convention. Earl didn't even realize that was today, but requests a quickie before she leaves. He can't resist her when her hair's all classy and up high like that, after all. She agrees: She also gets horny looking at herself when she looks this good. She doesn't want to be late, though, because they're paying her with a free hot tub. But she promises they'll do it after. She's still spraying her hair, and then Earl stands up and lights his cigarette. Which does the obvious: lights her hair on fire. Wait, it actually causes an explosion that Randy can hear from the other room, where he's eating cat food. Earl and Joy look in the mirror, bald and charred, and Earl hollers, "Randy, come here! We look like cartoons!" Joy doesn't look nearly as amused.

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