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Earl and Randy are walking through Joy's trailer park, talking about Halloween costume ideas (um, Batman and big Batman, please). Earl does think being sunburned for Halloween is a great idea, but doesn't think he and Randy should both do it. Randy tries to convince him, by walking like someone with a severe sunburn, arms out, legs apart, tiptoeing, all "Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow." He asks Earl to do it with him, and Earl says Randy might be right: Two sunburned guys are better than one. They come upon Joy next to a coffin in a decorative graveyard. She tells them she can't get the coffin lid on right and would like their help, but Earl says they're not stupid and they know something will pop out of it and scare them. So they back up to a big garbage can and tell her they'll just stand back there and watch. Right then, Darnell in a devil mask jumps out of the can and scares them. Earl immediately punches him in the face, knocking him over, can and all. Joy cackles like a crazy woman. He takes off the mask and tells Earl hi. Earl says "Hi, Crabman." I sort of feel like Earl should think of Darnell as something more than just the guy at the Crab Shack by this point, but I guess with Earl, we can't expect too much. [Aw, it's a loving nickname between two kind-of-family members! For instance, my brother-in-law calls his other brother-in-law "Bob Ugly." - Zach] Darnell tells Joy this was a bad idea, and she tells him not to worry; the boys won't punch as hard as Earl. But Joy tells Earl the real reason he's here is to fulfill number 94 on his list: "Ruined Dodge and Earl Jr.'s Halloween." Apparently he once sent them out trick-or-treating unsupervised (dressed as cowboy and Indian), and a bunch of transient-looking people tied them together at the wrist and tried to get them to fight, "Beat It" style. Joy wants a Halloween party for the boys and everyone else who spent all night looking for them. Earl says he'll do it.

At the Crab Shack, Earl tells Darnell he has postman Willie's glass eye, which he wants to float in the punch with scary ice, but can't find any. Randy tells Darnell they tried pouring hot water over regular ice, and Darnell guesses how that turned out. Randy assumes that means he's tried it before. Just then they hear Catalina speaking Spanish and turn to see her with a little boy. Darnell explains it's her nephew, "Oh-scar." Randy responds, "Oh-scar? Like 'Oscar' with an 'O'!" Darnell tells us about Oscar arriving via mail (delivered by Willie) in a crate at the Crab Shack, despite the waybill listing him as part of the package contents. (For a second, Darnell thinks it's the dishwasher he ordered, and actually asks if Oscar is a dishwasher.) Randy says he wishes he had a little brother, and then thanks Earl for ruining that for him. Earl tells him it's on the list, and then they tell Darnell how their mom made their dad get fixed after Earl washed Randy in the washing machine. Randy apparently swallowed so much bleach that he can no longer taste salt. Earl would like to point out it was gentle cycle, which Randy never includes in this story. Yeah, I don't think that helps matters, Earl. But if you didn't also put him in the dryer, I'll give you some credit. Darnell tells them to try "Big Bros, Little Bros," the show's equivalent of Big Brothers Big Sisters, but without females. Randy always thought that was a hip-hop clothing store with "a huge range of sizes."

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