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Next thing you know, Randy and Earl are at Big Bros, Little Bros. Randy's telling the interviewer about himself. This is all Randy has to say: "I'm 31. I live in a motel. I have three pairs of pants and five shirts." Sometimes Randy is really the only thing to like about this show. (Hint: This episode is one of those times.) And then he says this is his brother Earl, whom he sleeps with, but facing out so their "wieners" don't touch. Because that makes it less weird. The screening guy decides to give Randy a chance anyway, and they let him play supervised with a bunch of Little Bros. He starts off on a roll, telling the other kids to include the boy in the wheelchair in their hot potato game. But then he immediately negates the goodwill he's building by saying, "Let's go play kickball!" You know, because the boy in the wheelchair can't do that. The Big Bros, Little Bros guy starts scribbling on his evaluation form. Next, Randy's playing Duck Duck Goose with the kids, and when he gets "goosed," he immediately trips the kid and tells him he's still it.

Back in the hotel room, Earl's wrapping a blow-up doll in toilet paper and lying to Randy that the Big Bros, Little Bros people are stupid, and Randy would actually make a good big brother. Randy's really upset, crying with a pillow over his face, and Earl tries to make him feel better, but we know from Earl's voiceover that he doesn't think Randy would be a good big brother. Earl thinks Randy should get a plant, because a little brother doesn't have to be a person. Randy cries, "I hate plants. Plants suck!" Then, "I'm sorry, plants. I'm just mad." Catalina walks in in her stripper suit and tells Earl and Randy the other strippers are jealous of her hilarious client who gives her five dollar bills, but tapes them to her back. Randy cries that if the strippers have little brothers, they should shut the hell up and stop bitching. Then, "I'm sorry, other strippers. I'm just mad." Earl explains to Catalina that Randy wanted a little brother, but couldn't find one, so they've moved on to plants. Catalina all-too-eagerly offers up Oscar, who needs a good, male role model. Randy says he's no male model, but would be a good big brother. He asks Earl to agree, and Earl does agree, in a super-high-pitched voice that Randy knows is Earl's lying voice. This is the first time Jason Lee's been the funniest person in a scene in a long, long time, and I thoroughly enjoyed it (one of the only things I truly loved in this episode). Randy gets mad at Earl's high-pitched lying voice and tells Catalina he'll do it.

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