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Voodoo Child

Earl and Randy have no choice but to take Oscar to Joy's party, since Randy's afraid of being alone with him now. They show up at the party, where Darnell is dressed as a jack-o-lantern, a costume accomplished by cutting a face into an orange tank top. It's simple and excellent. Then Joy walks out in a pink halter top and denim shorts. When Earl asks what she's supposed to be, she says she's Barbie, and he should be able to tell since she taped her nipples down so her "boobies are smooth." She actually does look like Barbie. I love that she went the extra mile to give herself the creepy Barbie boobs. Joy tells Oscar to get out of the candy, because it's not time for that yet, and he tells her not tell him what to do. Joy says in her superfast voice that maybe kids sass back in "Guadaletucky" or wherever he's from, but he's "el pollo loco" (the crazy chicken?) if he thinks he can talk to her like that. You see where this is going: He does that crazy voodoo that he do. Randy's freaked again. Earl thinks it's weird, but still doesn't believe it's anything. Then Oscar tears off a lock of Joy's hair, and she says she's seen this before, and he is EVIL! Flashback to Joy's childhood Mammy using voodoo to scare her as a child. The mammy breaks a bloody egg (ick!) and curses young Joy, saying she'll become pregnant before she's married -- just for stealing Mammy's cigarettes. Back in the present, Joy tells them to get Oscar out of there before it starts raining blood, or he forces them to eat jerk chicken. (That is not punishment; jerk chicken is delicious.) Earl tries to tell Joy that Oscar's just a kid, and she points out that all of the creepiest villains have been: The Omen, The Exorcist, and Children of the Corn. Seriously? Good point. I have never been more scared than when I watched Children of the Corn. Because murderous children? Unnatural and terrifying. Randy, Earl, and Oscar leave, and Joy says this doesn't cross the boys off Earl's list, because Oscar ruined the party.

Earl, Randy and Oscar arrive back at the hotel and Earl's mad that Oscar's messing with his list now, too, and karma will not be happy. Oscar wants to know why Earl thinks voodoo is so fake, but he believes in karma. Earl says he's seen karma work, but no proof of voodoo. Oscar pulls the Randy doll out of his bag, and starts chanting with his eyes rolling back in his head. He puts a curse on Randy to make him "scared, nervous and uneasy." Randy says it's working, but Earl says it's just the power of suggestion. Oscar then makes the Randy and Earl dolls kiss. Randy doesn't like that voodoo is making them "gay," but they're BROTHERS, so the "gay" part is not what would be wrong with this. Oscar tells them to kiss, or he'll make the dolls do something worse. So Randy tries to kiss Earl, but Earl tells him to stop, because Oscar's just messing with his mind. Darnell comes in to warn them that Joy has rounded up the neighborhood, and everyone's looking for Oscar. She's worried about what he might do with her hair.

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