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Voodoo Child

Darnell, Randy, Earl and Oscar double back to the trailer park to fool Joy and her witch hunt. Plus, Darnell already has the supplies they need: fake passports for Randy and Earl and some sort of pills. Randy pops his and then Darnell says it's cyanide and will kill you in 30 seconds. Randy spits his out, and Darnell says he was kidding; it's actually a multivitamin. Joy brings her witch hunt back to the trailer park, and Darnell comes out and asks them to please let Earl and Randy take Oscar in peace. She says the voodoo freak cast a spell on her husband, and throws a rock at his head. It knocks him out, so Joy asks the reverend who's part of the witch hunt to sprinkle holy water on him, but to avoid his hair, because black people's hair gets crazy when it's wet. Ignorant people's racism is so hilarious!

Inside the trailer, Earl suggests letting them have Oscar, but Randy proves he is a good big brother and stands by him the way Earl always has for him. Then Randy reminds Earl he's always wanted to fight 30 people at once, anyway, and runs out into the fray, just like in Henry V. And Earl realizes he needs to defend his little brother, too, so he runs out and is immediately hit in the face with a pumpkin and knocked down and then kicked and hit. Joy sneaks away from the fight with the reverend to go inside and do... I don't know what, exactly, to Oscar. Then Earl sees his list, and tries to make karma happy by crossing Randy off his list (because standing up for Oscar let him be a big brother). Joy walks inside and sees the Joy doll (the voodoo one; not the Barbie-costumed real one) and Oscar with a knife. She asks him not to kill her, but to kill the reverend instead, because if he dies, at least he knows where he's going. Oscar says the big, scary knife is not to kill anyone; it's to cut the pumpkin pie their dolls are having at their Halloween party. He just wants them to stop hurting his big brother and for everyone to be happy. Apparently, having Randy stand up for Oscar made him want to be good. And seeing the doll pumpkin pie party makes Joy want to be good, too.

So, we're back at the Halloween party, but this time with happy, inspirational music instead of ominous "My little brother is a voodoo child" music. So, Earl gets to cross Dodge and Earl Jr. off his list after all. Earl tells Oscar over punch that karma saved them, by getting him to stop doing voodoo. Oscar says Earl's wrong; he didn't stop voodoo, but saved them all with it. He used a "party spell on these idiots." Earl still thinks karma wanted him to do something good, and that if Oscar had wanted to use voodoo, he would have used pins. Oscar couldn't find any pins, and Earl says that was karma's doing, too. Then Earl realizes, in voiceover, that it doesn't matter if it's called karma or voodoo, or a mediocre sitcom; if it leads to a happy ending, it's all good. Joy walks up with a 40 that appears to have dry ice in it. Joy's listening to God, because the reverend told her she should run for mayor. I wonder if that's a plotline they'll keep up starting now, or drop right away because it's actually poking fun at the religious right, "It's God's will," Sarah Palin-types during election time. But Earl's like, "Whatever works for you." I'm not sure if the point of that episode was freedom of religion/beliefs or what, but it certainly didn't portray a very sane version of voodoo or Christianity, and it was actually more than a little racist, so maybe Earl and the show should start practicing what it's preaching. Unless what's it's preaching is, "Everyone's belief system is insane except Earl's, but be nice anyway."

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