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Earl's out of his coma! And back at the Crab Shack! Thank God. But he's sure that Karma wants him to be with Billie, so he's been trying to find her. It turns out that Randy has been keeping a list of all the stuff that happened while Earl was in his coma, so he starts reading it off. The first piece of news is that Joy and Darnell got kicked out of their trailer, because Earl tipped it over before he went into the coma, and they aren't allowed to live in it while it's sideways. So now the Darnell/Joy family is living at the Crab Shack. In other news, Catalina is a lesbian. Whuh-huh? After an extended analogy likening penises to bananas, Catalina explains that all men suck, a fact that she learned when her father sold her off, and also from the men she encounters at the strip club. I don't know that she really selected a representative sample from which to form her thesis. Joy thinks Catalina is just going gay because it increases her asking price at the strip club; Joy explains that she did the same to get a B in high school gym class, and it worked until the lady gym teacher caught her in the shower. Catalina explains that she is a true "chapstick lesbian" and it looking for Miss Right. Earl is too, except he already knows who his Miss Right is. Joy can't believe that Earl stole Frank's trailer and car, and now wants his woman too. Earl realizes that Frank is probably the key to finding Billie, and takes off.

Earl goes to visit Frank at the halfway house, where he's living with a number of other ex-cons. Frank is thrilled to see Earl and Randy, and confides that he's starving, because he refuses to eat the food provided since it has tranquilizers in it. The plethora of zombie dudes sitting around confirms Frank's theory. Frank confesses that he ate soap this morning, and then pooped bubbles. Randy offers him an apple slice, which Frank eats from Randy's hand like a wild animal. I should also mention that Frank is wearing a shock collar around his neck like the one my sister-in-law uses on her dog. She tried to convince me to use it on my dog, so my husband decided to try it on himself, not wanting to subject our dog to something he was unwilling to try himself. So I got to shock my husband. He put it on his arm, not his neck, though. It hurt enough that we decided we'd just keep our dog on a leash instead of using that. Anyway, Earl compliments the necklace, and we see a flashback of Frank running out of the house to catch the ice cream truck and getting tazed. I was sure there was a "Don't taze me bro" joke coming, but thankfully no.

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