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Who's Your Spy Daddy Now?

Earl's telling Danny Glover he doesn't know who Darnell is when Randy walks in with fake Darnell around his neck and says he and "Fake Darnell" had a blast. He let him drive the El Camino, but he scratched the back fender. Danny Glover asks Randy where Darnell is, but Earl tells him to leave Randy alone, because he knows nothing and it would kill Earl if anything happened to Randy. Danny Glover says it's good to know and points a gun at Randy.

Randy and Earl are now both handcuffed to a bomb around some sort of large post in the kitchen. Randy tells Earl that he shouldn't tell someone who's threatening the things he love how much he loves Randy. Earl tells Danny Glover he'll tell him where Darnell is if he'll let Randy go. Randy tells him he can't do that to Joy and Darnell and the kids, then he whispers to Earl that he shouldn't worry, because he has a plan. Danny Glover tells them to call him if they want to live, and gives them a cell phone. He's on speed dial 2. Earl asks what the plan is, and Randy tells him they just open the briefcase bomb and cut the blue wire. He's seen it all the time on TV. They open it up and it's all blue wires, though. Uh-oh. Earl asks now what and Randy tells him they go to commercial. Earl picks up the phone to call Danny Glover, but Randy goes to get a beer and knocks the phone out of reach. Earl doesn't know what to do, and now they think they're going to die. They're screaming loud, but Danny Glover's listening to French music in his car outside, so he can't hear what's going on inside.

Back inside, Randy has some things to tell Earl before they die. First, Earl's teeth aren't whiter than Randy's. And that's just about it, actually. He tells Earl to go ahead and tell him whatever he wants to say, but not if it's that he thinks his teeth are whiter than Randy's. Earl says they're not going to die, because they can break down the post they're chained to. They start banging themselves against it, but it doesn't break. It just causes the a lot of pain and physical comedy. They realize it's not going to work, so they're going to die. They hug against the post as the bomb counts down, making the "beep beep" of 24. Then the 24 split screens come along, too. In the center is the bomb timer. In one corner are Randy and Earl hugging and screaming. Danny Glover's still in his car in another. Someone's drinking at the Crab Shack in another, and Joy's pretending to be a maid in the final one.

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My Name Is Earl




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