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Who's Your Spy Daddy Now?

When we're back, Darnell and Danny Glover continue to fight -- both physically and about the past. Darnell says he's not his father, or he would have done something for him, like teach him falconry. Danny Glover says he just didn't want him to be soft like his brother. Darnell asks what brother, but Danny Glover says nothing. Darnell pulls out a knife and says Danny Glover robbed him of a childhood and now apparently a brother. Danny Glover gets the knife and says they should stop, since they're so evenly matched. Then he tells him that if he could find him, so could anyone else at the agency. He says Darnell's friends are brave, but they're idiots, and the tall one couldn't even tell the difference between a tear and saline solution. Darnell asks what he wants. Danny Glover wants to give him a chance to make up what he did to the agency and go back to living his life. One last mission, and he's out for good. Darnell knows it's a risk that could get him killed, but the way he's living now (eating TV dinners alone while Joy does all sort of chores) isn't the life he wants. He'll do anything to get back to the trailer, even risk his life. He tells his dad he'll do it.

Next thing we see is one of those gigantic, military helicopters. Earl is inside, sleeping in the back. He comes to, and says "Hey, Crabman." Both Darnell and Danny Glover look back from the cockpit and say, "Hey, Earl." Earl asks what's up and Darnell comes back to explain that his dad wanted to take Earl so that Darnell would cooperate. Darnell tells him that no danger should come to him. Unless something happens to Darnell, in which case he doubts Earl will survive. Earl looks completely freaked. Darnell tells him he's going to give him a shot to knock him out so he won't see anything he shouldn't, but if he needs to cry first, now would be good. Earl cries as Darnell gives him a shot.

Joy's waking up from the tranquilizer dart (which is still stuck in her chest) back at their witness protection house. A lady is looking at her, and she pulls the dart out of her chest and greets her. She's there to drop off the boys. Joy thanks her for taking them, and says she'll be happy to take hers later, but the lady leaves quickly. Randy wakes up. Joy finds a note from Darnell, and tells Randy that Earl and Darnell are gone.

Secret Agent Man plays as Earl's eyes open and he sees Darnell going acrobatically through a room full of laser beams. Danny Glover tells Earl not to move, and then Earl's eyes close gain. They open again as a Middle Eastern man accepts an artifact from Darnell and Danny Glover. He tells them that Diddy will buy this from him for a lot more. Then he gives them a paper and says that's the man they seek. Darnell sees Earl's woken up and comes over and gives him another shot. Next time his eyes open, the three of them are being buried alive. Darnell tells Earl it's okay; they'll get out of this. Danny Glover agrees it's cool and gives Earl another shot. Next time his eyes open, Darnell and Danny Glover are on their hands and knees, looking for Danny Glover's contact. Darnell gives Earl another shot. Next up, Danny Glover's asking for information in return for not killing a man's burqa-wearing wife -- his prettiest one, apparently, not that we can tell. The guy gives the information, so Danny Glover lifts the burqa, and it's Darnell. Danny Glover gives Earl another shot. Next time Earl wakes up, Danny Glover and Darnell are defusing another bomb. Earl tells them he has to pee, but Darnell says he's wearing a diaper. Really? Instead of a catheter? Must be some fancy secret-ops agency. Darnell gives Earl another shot.

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My Name Is Earl




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