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Giant Swirly Wind Thingies!
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Earl's sitting on the couch in his and Randy's hotel room trying to decide aloud which list item to do to today: "Pushed slow Roger down a hill in a portapotty" or "Got the baby-sitter pregnant." I love the Earl sees both of those as being on the same level, list-wise. And I'd like to see how he gets himself out of the pregnancy one. But we don't even get to find out if Earl has an actual child of his own because Randy, not nice for the first time ever, storms in and tells Earl he has a crazy idea: Let's do what Randy wants for once, and what he wants is NOT doing another item on Earl's stupid list! Randy, I usually love you, but this show works best when it sticks to the list format, so please don't take that away from me.

Earl's voiceover tells us that Randy's stressed out today, and he's not the only one. At Joy and Darnell's, she's pissed that Darnell won't just admit that MacGyver would be the most awesome president ever! Darnell says it's because he's fictional, but Joy says fictional characters are in books, and MacGyver's on TV. He won't argue about it, and she's still mad because now Darnell's acting like he's smarter than her or something. And, uh, Joy? Have you met yourself and Darnell? He's like a prodigy and you are ... well, let's just say "not a prodigy."

You know who else is having a bad day? Catalina. Because some guy is making eyes at her at the Crab Shack while he's at dinner with his lady. I get that she's annoyed, except that she's wearing her skimpy little stripper suit to the Crab Shack. You're asking to be ogled when you do that. But she gets up, storms over to him, and tells him to go ahead and take a squeeze so she can eat in peace. Then she squeezes her own boobs together and leans forward to really emphasize her cleavage. You know, for the kids.

Earl's voiceover continues that something was in the air that morning, as real Earl tries to get his list back from Randy. Earl voiceover says that all of the simultaneous cranky might be a coincidence, or it might be that they're all like animals freaking out before a tsunami or whatever. And, I'll agree with him on this: They are all like animals. Right then, Randy opens the door and holds the list out and it gets blown away. Randy turns and says, "Oh my god, it's a giant swirly wind thingie!" And then the guy on the Camden news explains it for those of us who are as slow as Randy: Tornado!

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