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First off, thanks to Zach for filling in for me on the recaplet. And a very special "no thanks" to the Portland Trail Blazers for having a game that preempted My Name Is Earl in Portland on Thursday. Sure, Greg Oden's funny, but that doesn't mean we don't need our Thursday night sitcoms.

It's Christmas at the Crab Shack, and tradition calls for decorating the drunks with garland and ornaments. Earl wants to join in, but he has to look after Randy when he's reading the comics. Randy's laughing and then turns to nearly crying, all "Oh, that's terrible" and "That's not funny at all." Earl reminds Randy that when he's reading the comics, he has to stop reading before he gets to the other side of the paper, or he hits the obituaries. Earl reminds him to fold the paper so that doesn't happen, and Randy does fold the paper. Then the decorators turn the lights on, and their Christmas drunk's hair catches on fire. Darnell comes out with a fire extinguisher, and tells everyone that if they're going to decorate drunks they need to have one handy.

Joy's arriving at the Crab Shack and is approached by a bearded guy who tells her he needs $20 because he and his wife were driving home from building Nerf playgrounds for autistic children and they ran out of gas. His wife would have come with him, but she sold her hair for baby formula (what now?) and is embarrassed about being bald. Joy sarcastically tells him his story is sad and, what with all the details, it must be true. She asks him to come inside and share it with her friends. Inside a moment later, everyone's laughing at our bearded scammer as Joy's making him retell the story. Even Randy's like, "What an idiot." But the reason he's laughing is because he thinks everyone knows that the baby formula is "Man + Woman." I'm sorry, but am I supposed to believe that Randy's too stupid to know what baby formula is, but that he realizes that a formula is another word for a mathematical equation? Because... no. That's going too far.

The hustler reminds Earl of number 201 on his list: "Conned an old man out of 100 bucks." We flash back to a couple weeks before karma hit Earl with a car. Joy and Earl are watching TV, and one of those Sally Struthers-style over-the-top ads about starving children in Africa comes on. This one asks for money so that African kids won't have to eat bowl after bowl of mud. Earl says it makes you think, and Joy's like, "Yeah. We could make a fortune." Earl looks shocked, but then we find out he's just noticing ribs stuck in her teeth.

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