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Repeat the Scamming Joy

As Earl gets off the phone with Mr. Fischer, Randy walks in and apologizes for letting Joy get the will, but Earl tells him it was all part of his scam. Randy cannot believe it. He thinks this has been the longest scam ever, since he's been running around for karma and that crazy list for three years. Now all Earl has to do is give Mr. Hill the money. He's waiting when Mr. Hill gets back from vacation. He gives him the money and tells him everything, but Mr. Hill's upset. He feels like an idiot. The money doesn't make him feel better. He feels like a moron. So Earl takes him to laugh in Joy, Sylvia, and Tammy's faces. That will make him feel so much better, right?

But at the trailer park, everything that they'd been lying about all this time has actually happened: The loan shark took Joy's appliances, so her food is drawing flies to the trailer park and she and the family are having to live outside because they have no money for an exterminator; Tammy had to give her husband's plumbing truck away and then their water heater busts and floods their house; Sylvia gave him her furnace and tries to keep warm with the oven and barbecue in the house, but it starts a fire.

Mr. Hill asks Joy how much it would cost to hire an exterminator, and then writes her a check. Earl doesn't like this. But then Mr. Hill gives Tammy a check to pay for the water damage, and Sylvia a check for the fire damage. Earl wants Mr. Hill to laugh at these fools, but Mr. Hill tells him that giving is what made him feel good. And since these people actually need his help, he has a chance to really feel good -- even if he's helping the people who have been ripping him off. Mr. Hill's generosity has a powerful effect on the people he's nice to, because we soon see Tammy and Sylvia putting money in a Salvation Army bucket where a sunglassed Santa is ringing a bell. And, honestly, I thought this would be a scam, too, because I've never seen a Santa that looked like that. But I guess it's just Camden.

Mr. Hill's generosity put Earl in the Christmas spirit. He has had "The Curious Tongue, By Randy D. Hickey," put on a spiral notebook and pasted Randy's notes about the varying tastes of cactus and Darnell's hair. Then, as Joy, Darnell, and the boys are making gingerbread men all decked out in Christmas sweatshirts (I love seeing this side of them; and their gingerbread men were adorable little representations of them), Earl and Randy showed up with their old refrigerator. Earl says that he learned from Mr. Hill that being generous to someone who's done you wrong is the best kind of charity there is. Joy invites Randy and Earl in, and the episode ends with "Here Comes Santa Claus" playing us out of 2008. See you next year, Earl, Randy, Joy and Darnell (and maybe Catalina, too, though she hasn't really been part of this cast lately, now, has she?).

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