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Randy Loves Joy!

Randy walks to the lake and starts skipping rocks. Watching him makes Joy go back, too. She remembers Randy helping her skip rocks, giving her his ice cream cone after she dropped hers, and giving her his hat after hers blew off. She remembered how sweet Randy was, and how much he loved her. Earl says that no matter how crazy it is now, Randy was Joy's first love, and Earl robbed both of them of what they had that summer. She picks up the tic-tac-toe pad and brings him note. It says, "Do you still like me?" She skips a rock with him. Then they paddle-boat together, and eat ice cream cones. They ride bikes, and she teaches him to blow a bubble. They high-five.

Back on the bridge that night, Randy tells her he forgot how nice that was. She did, too. She thinks she should let Dodge spend time with Tiffany, and Randy agrees, since everyone deserves to feel like that at least once. He asks if she has that with Crabman all the time, and she says she does. Randy says she's lucky. She knows. He says he's going to have that with someone one day too, and she agrees that he will. Then she looks at him sweetly, says, "Oh, what the hell? You're my freebie," and kisses him. He tries, twice, to go up her shirt (probably just over the bra, though), but she slaps his hands away both times. Even though her freebie clearly said "anything goes." But she already has it all with Crabman. Awwwww. That was a funny and sweet episode, if you can ignore the glaring lacks of continuity. (For example: Darnell knew about the freebie with Skipper, but when Earl and Randy told him the story, it didn't click with him that this was Joy's Skipper? Plus, Randy never having loved anyone else or been loved, since we've already been there with Catalina -- who?!)

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