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Brotherly Karma

Back in the trailer, we get a close-up of Randy's disgusting toe, which is just disgusting and unnecessary and I am trying to scrub it out of my brain. Earl brings Randy a "space beer," which is apparently made with Tang. Randy says he doesn't have time for space beer, since he's watching Carson Daly to find out what karma wants him to do. Carson's talking about celebrity baby pictures, so Randy wonders if he did something to a celebrity, or a baby, or pictures. He's actually done a lot of bad stuff to pictures. Again, we don't need to know, and thankfully for us, he doesn't elaborate. Earl says that not everything Carson Daly says is a message from karma, or if it is, it's probably for Earl. Randy's all, "Oh, so you own karma?" No, Randy, he just owns Carson Daly, obviously. Follow the logic. Randy says Carson's talking to hundreds of people since he's on national television. Carson talks about Andrew Dice Clay, and Randy immediately realizes that's his list item.

Randy takes Earl to the toilet tank, where he's always hidden stuff. [He used to hide dollar bills there, but someone kept replacing them with green balls of gunk. - Z] He pulls out Earl's old Andrew Dice Clay belt buckle, which he stole and blamed on their friend, Zeke. Earl explains that they met brothers Arlo and Zeke Cavanaugh when they moved in next door in the trailer park. Earl liked Zeke instantly, because Zeke liked his moustache and liked doing crazy things for free T-shirts. Things like drinking a glass of fryer fat at the Crab Shack and taking a punch in the face. When Zeke runs in and introduces this last idea, Randy wants to come, but while he's getting the camera, Earl and Zeke take off and leave him. Randy was obviously getting jealous.

Randy came up with a plan to break up the friendship. He stole Earl's Andrew Dice Clay belt buckle while chewing tobacco (because Zeke always did that). He left spit all over the house, but it made Randy sick in the process. He's not even smart enough to clean up, though, since his mouth is still black with tobacco and he still has vomit down his shirt in the morning when Earl wakes him, yelling about this missing belt buckle. Andrew points out that someone spit tobacco everywhere and even threw it up on his shirt. Then Randy tells Earl that Zeke will be really upset about the belt buckle being gone, because he would always chew tobacco and stare at it. Obviously, Earl's convinced. So he burns up all of Zeke's T-shirts, all of which happen to be hanging on the same clothesline.

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