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Brotherly Karma

Earl has to add Zeke to his list, but Randy points out it was his fault, not Earl's. Earl thinks they both hurt Zeke, and should put him on both lists. Earl writes it on his regular list, while Randy writes on his arm.

Earl and Randy find Zeke, and Earl lets Randy take the lead. Randy reads his script off his arm, which basically only says their names. Then he finds a corn flake on his arm and eats it. Gross. Randy eventually explains and Zeke invites them in. Arlo's inside doing a puzzle. Zeke and Earl reminisce about how many cool things they did to get shirts: saw Quiet Riot in concert at the mall, signed up for an America West credit card, sang I Got You Babe on Guys Sing Romantic Songs to Each Other karaoke night at the Crab Shack. Zeke says losing his shirts wasn't the worst thing; it was not hanging out with Earl. Randy says that's his list item: for them to hang out and go get those shirts again. Then he'll cross Zeke off and make the face like Earl's. He tries it out: one eyebrow up, and he pretty much nails it. Zeke's in, mostly to freak his doctor out by drinking a glass of fryer fat right before his cholesterol is tested next week.

Randy stays behind with Arlo, and asks how he's doing. Arlo says he won't show Randy his scabs that look like people collection, which sucks for Randy, since he just pulled off a Pam Anderson. Randy says that's fine, and he won't show Arlo his mole that looks like Susan Sarandon. Arlo looks intrigued.

In New York, Dodge is standing on a chair at the sink asking his mom which side is the toilet (FYI: left). Turns out their place is also directly above a dry cleaner, which vents into the middle of their floor, pushing hot steam inside constantly. Joy's upset about it, but Darnell tells her there's a bright side: His tank top is wrinkle-free and her pores look fantastic. She can't take it, so she yells their real names out the window. In walk Agent Orientation and Lady Agent. They keep a close watch the first week, apparently.

Zeke and Earl drink fryer fat, get punched in the face, and sing a romantic duet together at the Crab Shack. They sing I've Had the Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing, which Earl says they pretty much crushed.

Joy and Darnell are in a lumberjack camp, which she hates. He says the FBI can play dirtier than her, so please quit while they're ahead. She doesn't see living in a pop-up camper with four Canadian dudes who don't help with chores because they're all missing fingers as "ahead." So she announces who they are (Darnell's not "Lars Nordvich," shockingly enough). The agents come in to take them away again.

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