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Ape Man (We Don't Mean Randy)
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We open with Earl in front of a Bookmobile explaining to Darnell why the titles are Chuckleberry Flynn and Trazan: The library couldn't afford actual classics, so they bought knockoffs. You know, because the classics are so expensive. Earl sits down in a wicker chair to read Trazan to some kids, and then explains how this all came to be. In a flashback we find out that Earl and Randy got sentenced to community service in the "humiliate to rehabilitate" program. It consists of bright pink shirts that name the "crime" each person committed, as they stand by the road and pick up trash. Earl's says "Pulled my brother's pants down," Randy's says "Flasher," and assorted others say "Set police horse free," "I like hookers," and "terrorist." The "set police horse free" guy is a free-spirited Scottish (yes, I was wrong in the recaplet when I said Irish; I couldn't recognize the accent through all of that Ape Man grunting) guy named Raynard who thinks that the people at the dump have all the fun because they get to burn the trash. They start to light the trash together.

Still in a flashback, we learn that Raynard let Earl and Randy stay with him when their dad kicked them out. He's so kooky and free-spirited that he has a bathtub in his living room, outside plants (the viney kind) on the inside, and an upside-down globe. He basically is an idiot, and sees no order in the universe. And this makes Earl think. Randy too. He says, "Woah, woah, woah. A globe is the Earth?!"

Later at the Crab Shack, live music is playing. And it's a weird rock version of "Oh! Susanna." Raynard, Earl, and Randy are trying to hit on girls, and apparently Raynard is terrible at it. Earl helps, though, by pretending they're members of a rock band that opens for U2. When one of the ladies asks, "U2?" Randy says, "Yeah, me too." Earl asks who wants to party with guys who will be sharing a shower with Bono. They want to, but only if they have a tour bus. And Earl says they do, and then goes and steals the Bookmobile. The girls apparently can't read, so they believe this is a band's tour bus. They make the girls leave, and then they leave the Bookmobile so they don't get caught with it. And so it stayed where they left it in the woods until the almost present (don't question the timeline here, because there's almost no present, so it can get a little confusing), when Earl and Randy go to do number 219 on his list: "Stole a Bookmobile."

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