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Ape Man (We Don't Mean Randy)

Then Earl gets Raynard a job at Camden Foreign Foods. All he has to do is hand people food and take the money, but he gets fired for not collecting money. Apparently, he took a whole live chicken for the half-chicken they bought to eat. Which is sort of a good deal if you think about it, but SeƱor Lo-Mein is not having any of it. So then Earl gets him a job at the hotel, but he puts soap on the pillows and kids end up with foamy mouths when they think it's candy. Not really Raynard's fault that the kids are this stupid, but he loses that job too. Then he gets a job as an exterminator, and he's exterminating at Joy's. She's mad at him because he won't spray poison into the hole. He wants the rats to choose to come out of the hole of their own free will, but Joy doesn't give a rat's ass about a rat's ass and wants him to do it anyway. He won't. She tries to take her hose, and he ends up spraying rat poison in her face. Joy yells, "Darnell! Call the police! Exterminator sprayed me in the face with rat poison again!" Sort of like kicks in the face at the Crab Shack.

Earl goes to bail Raynard out of jail and call it even, but he finds out Raynard's in a psych ward, not in jail. They're talking to the red-faced doctor with the bushy white beard. He's wearing a white shirt and red suspenders. He tells them his diagnosis is that Raynard's anti-social. Randy's like, "Oh!" And Earl whispers, "Randy, enough! Santa Claus would not be working at a mental institution." Dr. Santa shows them a video of Raynard being crazy. Santa stops it by saying, "Ho, ho, ho. That was a good one." Randy's face registers actual shock. And then he tells them that luckily there's a place for people like Raynard. Randy asks if they make toys there. And then Santa calls his assistant by ringing a bell, and a little person comes in dressed in red and green. Earl admits this is a little weird.

The Christmas elf leads them into the room with all of the mental patients, and Earl walks toward Raynard. Randy's stopped at the door by a big guy with a long ponytail who asks, "Do you have any candy?" Randy says, "No, do you?" The guy, "No, do you?" Randy, "No, do you?" You can see where this is going. Earl gets to Raynard and asks how he's feeling and Raynard spits all of his pills out into Earl's hand. He's only pretending to be drugged. Raynard wants to get out and go back into the woods. He promises he won't eat any more crazy berries and will just be friends with the next raccoon he sees. Earl realizes Raynard's right, and he has to figure out how to break him out. He finds an orderly and asks if he'll help him do a magic trick to entertain folks. He pretends to pull Kit Kats out of both of the guy's ears, and then says he's full of candy. Obviously the big candy-wanting guy attacks. Earl, Raynard, and Randy sneak out, using the orderly's keys.

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