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Ape Man (We Don't Mean Randy)

In the woods, Earl and Randy drop off Raynard with a tent, since they're taking the Bookmobile back. Raynard has no problem with them taking the Bookmobile since it's too restrictive, and he's already read or eaten most of the books. He's happy to be home, to the sound of nothing except the chirping of a raccoon in heat. He says that's going to be an awkward conversation with Charlene. Randy offers to run him over with the car on their way out. Then we're back in the present as Earl's finishing off the story by saying they came to admire what they once feared: Raynard's/Trazan's courage to live freely and think freely. Earl voiceovers that he was glad to bring the Bookmobile back, so the books could help kids see the world in a whole new way like Raynard did to him. A kid asks where Trazan lived, and Earl points on a map to Africa and says it's "down here." Then he says another way to look at it is "up here," as he flips the map upside down. Randy's like, "Wait! So a map is also the Earth?" Come on, Randy! Even you aren't that dumb, are you? Although the big guy in the mental institution did seem like a strange mirror for a big friendly oaf, so I guess he actually might be that bad. What would he ever do without Earl? I'm thinking (read: hoping) we won't ever get a spinoff and have to find out.

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