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Earl starts us out with a voiceover telling us how annoying the neighbors have been at the hotel. His example, a guy named Cappie (not the good kind), who tells stories about his dog eating Halloween candy and saying that he doesn't work on Sunday, "the Lord's day." Then he realizes it wasn't Halloween candy, but Valentine chocolates. It's extremely boring, but not the worst thing in the world. And Randy loves it, so if Earl were really as nice as this whole karma thing implies, he'd probably just put up with it. But he won't, and luckily Catalina is there to help: She tells Cappie his room has toxic mold, and moves him to a new wing. Worst opening segment of the show ever. I didn't even come close to laughing.

Later, Randy asks Earl to explain why Cappie's in the east wing. Earl says it's something about "toxic moles," but Randy's not buying it. He knows Earl got rid of him, just like he did with the guy with the illegal penguin. This leads to a very fun segment of Earl saying that penguin was a jerk, and then impersonating said penguin with a flit flit flit noise with his mouth, while moves his hands in a motion that signals penguin feet. You really have to see it to get the humor in this one. Earl found the penguin annoying because it made the noises all day long, and because the guy kept the penguin in the ice machine at night. Earl could taste it. [That line made me laugh out loud. - Zach] Randy misses Cappie, but Earl says they're better off without him.

Right at this moment, their new neighbor knocks on the door, all ominous and hooded. And it's Malachai from the scariest movie of my life, Children of the Corn. He wants to know why Earl and Randy are in his room, and Earl says his room must be next door, but the guy said his key opened this door. He's seriously creepy, with his chimo hooded sweatshirt and taped-up rapist glasses. Earl says the locks and keys were all bought at a swap meet, so the keys work in every door, and various kitchen utensils also can open the doors. Earl welcomes the chimo to the neighborhood, and the guy heads to his room. Randy congratulates Earl on bringing the guy who likely has the least funny stories in the universe. But Earl doesn't want stories; just quiet. Randy wants to know how Earl likes quiet in a brother. He is quiet for all of ten seconds and then asks how Earl likes it. Earl says to give him a few hours.

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