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Stole a Motorcycle

Earl is still in a coma, but his VO reminds us that when Randy was able to cross an item off his list, Earl got marginally better in that his heart rate went up. So now Randy and Joy are on a mission to cross off more list items in the hopes of bringing Earl out of his coma. And they want Earl to pick which item. Kind of tough, him being comatose and all.

Earl is oblivious to this, as he is still imagining his life as a cheesy sitcom called The Hickeys, wherein he is married to Billie and living a sitcom lifestyle. In this week's episode, Billie is telling Joy that she's pregnant, but she hasn't told Earl yet. Of course, Earl picks up the phone and overhears Billie talking about her new doctor, but he thinks she's talking about a new paramour.

Back in real life, Joy and Randy get Earl to drool on the list to choose an item, and he choose "Stole a motorcycle." Randy remembers what happened, and he flashes back to a time when he and Earl were walking around looking for a crime to commit, and they came across the American Chopper guys arguing, which allowed them to steal one of the motorcycles. Earl and Randy took a break from their joyride to get drunk, as you do. And the next thing Randy remembers is waking up the next morning in the back of a school bus, with Earl wearing the bottom half of a chicken suit. In the hospital, Joy urges Randy to try to remember where they left the motorcycle so they can return it and cross another item off the list. Randy tries to think real hard. You can probably predict what happens. No, steam doesn't come out of his ears, but almost.

On The Hickeys, Earl hatches a plan to pretend to go to work the next day, but actually stay home and catch his wife with her lover. This leads to a segment set to the Benny Hill theme where Earl tries to hide from Billie as she goes about her housework. When she catches him, instead of being upset that he accused her of cheating on him, Billie announces that she's pregnant. Earl is psyched to have a kid that's his own color and actually looks like him. Isn't that the American dream?

Randy sets off to try to find the missing motorcycle. His first stop is Jasper, the pawn shop guy. Jasper remembers the boys coming in drunk and that they tried to convince him to buy the motorcycle. Jasper didn't want the boys driving around drunk, so he traded them the bike's chain for a chicken suit Randy was eyeing. He reports that Randy expressed a desire to wear the chicken suit to nickel chicken wing night at the Crab Shack. I need a Crab Shack in my life, if only for the cheap bar food.

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