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We start with Randy and Earl walking down the street, in the middle of a conversation. Randy explains that he didn't say "instead of"; Earl would have both his regular hands and robot hands. Earl says, then, okay, yes, with robot hands, you could open beers faster. Randy's glad Earl finally admits it. And then Randy finds a hat on a bench.

Earl explains that when Randy finds a new hat, he creates a character for the hat. (Is this continuity I see? It goes along with his good acting from last week, right? We see Randy in a sombrero asking about "chicken wings" in a Mexican accent; in a cowboy hat doing his best John Wayne; and wearing a sideways red ballcap with "Yo, yo, yo, what's up?" Earl hopes this hat will be different, but Randy puts on the fedora and asks Earl, "Wouldst thou fancy a beer? I certainly shall." Not exactly sure what that has to do with the fedora, but then again, it's Randy, so you can't really apply too much logic, right?

Randy is telling Darnell, "I'm do believe I'll have a beer in a glass." And he'd like a cherry on top. Kenny says Randy's making him feel like he's at Rick's Café Americain, but Darnell tells him that Earl and Randy don't watch black and white movies because they remind them of newspapers. Nice fedora reference, though, Kenny.

Randy corrects Darnell's grammar -- though incorrectly, of course. Then he says, "Now if you'll excuse me, therefore, what for, wherewithal, henceforth, English muffins." Hee. Ethan Suplee is so good at this role.

Joy runs into the Crab Shack and says, "I seen the giant pig! Pigsquatch!" I have no idea what to make of that, but luckily Earl fills us in: There's a legend of a giant pig in the trailer park. No one sober had ever seen it until Joy. Darnell asks if she's sure it wasn't the neighbor hosing off his mom in the yard again. Joy's indignant: "I think I know the difference between a prehistoric pig and jumbo Sally!" Duh! Who doesn't?

Joy plans to catch the Pigsquatch. Darnell wants to know what she'd do with it, and she says she'd make a fortune on tourists who will pay to see the "world's biggest" whatever. I have to give her this one: People do that, for some inexplicable reason. She remembers Earl seeing the world's biggest ant hill when they took an RV trip.

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