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Earl remembers this trip, because it's No. 47 on the list: Flashback to Joy, Earl, and Randy running up to an open RV in an RV park. Apparently the kids weren't with them because they'd been "mistakenly detained by child protective services," according to Earl. Since they knew the boys were in good hands, they stole an RV to go on vacation. They failed to notice the man on top, who had a hose and therefore was pulled off when he didn't let go of it.

Earl, Joy, and Randy love the trip, because they love fancy RV people, who have special stemmed glasses just for wine. Joy loves RVs more than trailers because you can drive away if a twister's coming instead of "sitting in your bathtub with a pillow over your head like a chump." She says she's never going back, and Earl says she never has to, thanks to the RV they stole. They toast to hitting the jackpot. And as they do, their RV blows up behind them.

Earl asks Randy if he turned off the stove when he was cooking the Helper. Randy said he did. He said his hands were full, so he blew it out. Yep, that'll do it.

They find the RV owner living in the same spot, but instead of an RV he's living in a tiny, one-room wood shack with a massive hole in the roof. He seems to be covered in leaves. Earl wants to make it up to him, even offering to buy an RV. (Yeah, that would suck up your whole $72,000, Earl, so you might want to take a step back.) The man's having nothing of it, though. He just wants to be left alone so he can wait to die. Earl says he has to cross him off the list; the guy suggests pumping him full of morphine and beating him over the head with a rake. Randy reaches for the rake, but Earl won't do it, so he stays and watches the guy, who really is just waiting to die. Oh, and the guy is Jerry Van Dyke from Coach. Earl can't figure out a way to help Jerry (that's his name on Coach, too), but for now he's going to fix the hole in his roof. He then drops a hammer on Jerry's head, but Jerry doesn't mind.

Meanwhile, Joy's trying to catch her pig, but she's using bacon as bait. Darnell says she can't catch a pig with bacon and he needs to feed it to the boys, who are drinking Tom Collins mix for breakfast. He walks to the end of her line to get the bacon, when the bushes move and a pig squeal comes from back there.

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