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Earl is done with the roof and goes in to talk to Jerry. Randy's listening to the radio outside, and when he goes by a jug music station, Jerry starts bobbing his head and tapping his foot. Jerry tells Earl he loves the jug, because it's easy to learn but hard to master. He misses his jug, which Earl blew up in his RV. He throws a "Jackass" Earl's way for good measure.

Earl gives Jerry a jug, which makes him happy. He said the RV was filled with memories from his past, "mementos." Randy explains, "The fresh maker." Earl said what he'll do to make it up to Jerry is replace the stuff that was in the RV. He asks what else was in there. Jerry's first response is "my dead wife." Earl thinks they would have remembered that, but Jerry explains it was just pictures of her -- all over the wall. He met her when he first came back from the war in Korea, and the pictures made him feel like she had her arms around him. He then plays their song, Moonlight Sonata, on the jug, only it doesn't sound like anything more than a person blowing into a jug. He looks like he might pass out. Earl and Randy are entranced. And when Jerry's done he says, "That, gentlemen, will get you laid." Earl can't replace the pictures, but he knows where to go if Jerry needs someone's arms around him.

Cut to Joy in front of Pigsquatch. No, it really is there. A giant, hairy pig that's sort of half pig, half buffalo. It looks to be dead, and Darnell's taking Joy's picture in front of it. He says his favorite is still the one of her riding it side-saddle, because "acting lady-like on a giant pig" makes him laugh. She tells him to keep taking pictures before the sleeping pills wear off. So, not so much dead.

Earl walks up and asks how they caught Pigsquatch. She says she used the pig version of what got him to marry her: sleeping pills and a bucket of slop. I hope she used the sleeping pills on Earl. And maybe some alcohol. But not the slop. Because that would just not be right.

Earl then asks the longest, fastest question ever, so I'm going to quote it: "Listen, do you still have that Real Doll you bought to make Darnell think you were in bed when you ran to Mexico to avoid the cops, but got caught by Dog the Bounty Hunter, went on trial, and I went to prison for it, then got out, then got hit by a car and went into a coma where I thought I was living in a sitcom world?" She says, "Yeah." He asks for it, and says it's for a good cause. She doesn't know, because she and Darnell still use the doll on date night.

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