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Flash to them setting the doll up as "Aunt Gretchen," the mean babysitter. They tell the boys if they were them, they'd stay in their rooms, since she brought her paddle. If that's what you expected Joy and Darnell to use her for, raise your hands? No one? That's what I thought.

Back in the present, Joy tells Earl he can actually have her, since she caught Darnell taking a bath with her the other day. What? We don't get a flashback to that? He says he was washing her, but Joy has her doubts.

Darnell asks Joy if the pig looks funny. Joy's like, yeah, but so do all pigs: Porky, Petunia, Miss Piggy. That's not what he means. He means it's not breathing. It's dead. And no one's going to pay to see a dead pig. She realizes Darnell's right, and can't believe 50 pills killed him. Her mom used to take that many every night with a Gin Rickey and would still wake up every morning to do her paper route. She kicks the dead pig and calls it a lightweight.

Meanwhile, Earl and Randy are about to present the Real Doll to Jerry. They gave it a makeover into a "Real Old Doll." Jerry's skeptical a "plastic mannequin" will do him any good. They have the doll hug him, and he loves it. He then thinks of more things from the trailer he'd like replaced: old animal heads, hunting equipment, a replica of his Special Forces uniform. He feels so good, he goes out for a drink with Randy and Earl at the Crab Shack with his "wife" and wearing his uniform. While there, he thinks of the last thing he needs: a pendant, and there's only one other one like it in the world. His old army buddy has it and he'd like to go with them to get it. Randy replies, "Hip, hip, cheerios. Harry Potter."

Earl was feeling good for helping Jerry, helping to bring him back to life. They drive up to the army buddy's house, and Jerry thanks Earl. All he wanted was to die, but now he has a plastic wife, all his stuff back, "and now I'm going to cut this jackass's ear off." And he unsheathes a knife and walks off. Earl gets out of the car, all, "Did you say, 'cut off his ear'?" Jerry says that's what the pendant was, and he would have called it an ear, except then Earl might not have driven him here. I'm thinking you're right, Jerry, because if you cut off this guy's ear, Earl's going to have to find a way to replace it to get the guy off his list.

Black-and-white flashback: Jerry and his buddy Joe were caught behind enemy lines during the Korean War. Jerry was wounded, and his buddy left him there, because he didn't want them both to die. Jerry didn't want him to leave, and although he couldn't stop Joe from leaving, he did manage to slice off Joe's ear before he got away. Jerry was captured and kept the ear as a reminder. Eventually he talked to it, as his only "companion." He even played cards with it. He kept talking to it after the war, including in the RV.

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