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The Frank Factor

We open on Joy getting frisked by Randy in the prison visitation room. Randy explains that the female guard (who Joy explains "looks like the coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers") is out sick, so he has the job of frisking all the female visitors. Randy takes advantage of his new position by squeezing Joy's pregnancy boobs until she yells at him. And what is going on with Joy's hair this week? She's got it in two braids, fastened with pink dragonfly clips, and then pink organza bows all over her head. She looks like the world's ugliest toilet-paper cozy.

Finally cleared for her visit with Earl, Joy plops down her bounty: cupcakes, some socks she made, and some magazines, adding that she drew genitalia on all the pictures since she's not allowed to bring real dirty magazines in. Earl tells her to quit bringing him stuff, but Joy protests that Earl wouldn't be there if it weren't for her. Joy interrupts her description of the miscreants that Earl is forced to spend time with to point out a familiar guy standing nearby, who used to work in the Crab Shack. Earl turns and yells, "Fraaank?" Frank (Michael Rapaport) gives Earl a big hug.

Earl VO explains that he hadn't seen Frank in about seven years, and we flash back to Earl and Randy sleeping in their parents' living room in the middle of the day. Seems the boys had worn out their welcome, so their dad used a Valu-Pak coupon (nice touch) to order a fumigation of the house. The fumigator is under orders from Carl not to give the boys any warning, but he's a softy, so he does. And now the boys are homeless.

And listening to "Wheels In the Sky" by Journey. Earl and Randy stroll down the sidewalk, and Earl shows that he was always pretty philosophical when he states that everything happens for a reason. And that reason is KARMA! Oops, that revelation is a few years and a Carson Daly appearance away for Earl. Just then, Earl notices a couple putting an old, stained, dirty couch out on the curb for pickup. Earl and Randy have found a new home.

Meanwhile, Earl VO tells us that, at the same time, Joy was facing her own problems. Cut to a tight shot of Joy's face as she wiggles her eyebrows around and seems to be concentrating really hard. Earl VO explains that Joy had "a one-night stand with a man who didn't leave her his number -- but he did leave her with something else." Joy stands and we see that she's in a drugstore, in front of the condom/pregnancy test display (funny how those are always together), and she just finished peeing on a stick. In the drugstore. Which is funny, and typical Joy behavior, but I have to wonder what receptacle she just peed into, or did she pee on the floor? Because it's not like a pregnancy test is a magic wand that absorbs all the pee. Anyway, Joy stands and shakes the test down like it's a thermometer (?) and apparently it's one of those magical TV pregnancy tests that shows the results immediately (I've noticed that one girl on Tell Me You Love Me seems to have a full supply of those), so Joy curses and throws the test back on the shelf.

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