Karma Time

by Daniel May 15, 2008
The Greg Garcia Interview

TWoP: That does seem to happen a lot, and I don't know if people love to jump on a bandwagon and proclaim any new series fantastic, and they equally want to be the first ones to declare that a series has jumped the shark.

Greg: Yeah, oh yeah. The jumped the -- I hate that fuckin' "jumped the shark" term. I think it's so stupid. That whole thing is just so stupid. But yeah, I mean, look. There's going to be episodes people don't like, there's going to be episodes people love. Each episode -- there can be an episode I don't like that much, and then, you know, people come up to me and they say it's their favorite episode. You know? It just, it's all subjective. There's too many people out there that like different things, and you just hope that you've created world in which people want to come back every week, and see what you're doing, and hopefully for the most part they're being entertained.

TWoP: How long do you want to keep Earl going for?

Greg: I don't know. We'll just have to see. You certainly don't want to do a show for too long, in that it's running its course or anything, but I mean, we're just at the end of our third season. I think we've got plenty of episodes still left in us.

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