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by admin May 15, 2008
The Greg Garcia Interview

TWoP: One of the good ideas, I guess -- you guys put an awful lot of work into the show, and there's all kinds of extras for people who are looking for in-jokes, and references to the show, whether it's Catalina's Spanish messages, or shots off to the side for the widescreen viewers. One of the ideas that I thought was your guys' idea but turns out came from elsewhere was the idea to do the Bad Karma episode on the first season DVDs.


Greg: That came from elsewhere? Where -- what do you mean it came from elsewhere?

TWoP: It came from the people putting out the DVDs or the studio? Somebody else? And the cast was sort of reluctant at first until they heard what the idea was?

Greg: I don't think so ... where'd you get that information?

TWoP: From the DVD.

Greg: Oh, really? I don't think so; that wasn't my recollection of it. I mean, they asked if we would do an extra bonus kind of episode, and then the writers and myself came up with the idea to do this alternate version of the pilot, and then I had the idea of what, you know, would happen if he heard from Stewie [Griffin of Family Guy instead of Carson Daly], and so ... I don't know, I don't even recall that from the DVD interviews. Maybe I didn't watch 'em all.

TWoP: The sense that I got was that it was getting towards the end of the season's shooting, and people were sort of looking forward to getting going, and then--

Greg: Oh, well, perhaps just the idea of actually shooting an extra episode was something that they didn't want to do, but maybe when they heard that they were going to get paid for it, they were OK with it, I'm not sure. I don't really remember that, if they were ... yeah. If they complained about it, they didn't do it to me.

TWoP: How hard do you guys work on this show? Like I mentioned before, with Catalina's messages, and the widescreen stuff--

Greg: Yeah, well, look, we're always trying to get the little bonus things in there. A lot of times we'll do a pass of a script afterwards of just kind of things in the background and stuff that, you know, probably on the first viewing you won't see, but, yeah, we work hard. I mean, the writers are here constantly, I'm here about sixteen hours a day. We're -- this is, this is your life when you work on a TV show. That's pretty much it. You kinda know that, you know that going into it.

TWoP: You've worked on more traditional sitcoms in the past, like Family Matters and Yes, Dear. Is this more work than the other shows that you've worked on before?

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