Karma Time

by Daniel May 15, 2008
The Greg Garcia Interview

TWoP: That's the sense that I've gotten from the series, is that changes seem to come before the show settles into a formulaic groove. I didn't start watching this show from the beginning; I was tuning in for The Office afterwards. And so usually what would happen is you turn on the television, and the last few minutes of whatever show's on before, I was watching. And it seemed like there were a run of shows, for example, where, at the end of the episode, Earl and Randy would rehash what had happened while they were lying in bed at the motel. Sometimes it would be non-sequitur, and sometimes it would be some sort of moral, but eventually you got away from that. And I wondered if it was because you thought, "Well, we don't want to sum things up with a moral necessarily with the two of them in bed every week."

Greg: No. I mean, in fact, going into Season 4 -- you mentioned Season 1 and being formulaic and just doing the list items. We're actually going back to that for Season 4. And we're just going to concentrate on the list a lot. And I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't start seeing those tags every week again. I think it was just a more of a -- the more story we started telling in episodes, and the more, like, arcs and stuff, you just don't have time to do the tag at the end of the show anymore. But it's not something that we went away consciously from, and nothing that we won't go back to either.

TWoP: Are you finding it difficult to keep a balance between trying new things, new fresh things, while still keeping true to the original premise of the show, which is what drew people to the show in the first place?

Greg: It hasn't been a struggle. I mean, it's definitely constantly on our mind, even when we, like I said, do the prison arc, the list is still a big part of it. When he's in the coma, they're using the list to try to wake him up, you know, so the list and karma will always be the central theme to this show. Sometimes we'll go on little tangents and arcs and roads and explore them, and other times we'll just stick to, you know, list item list item, list item.

TWoP: I think one of the big strengths of the show is the cast of the show.

Greg: Sure.

TWoP: Unlike some sitcoms, where you can imagine a variety of different people in the roles, I look at My Name Is Earl and can't imagine anyone other than Jason Lee playing Earl, and nobody other than Jaime Pressly playing Joy. I understand, though, that Jason Lee was a little bit unsure about whether he should be signing on to television before he came on the show.

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