Karma Time

by Daniel May 15, 2008
The Greg Garcia Interview

TWoP: I keep being surprised at how much we have to learn from Three Dog Night. It's fantastic.

Greg: Yeah! Well, One of my favorite songs hasn't been in there from Three Dog Night, which is "Never Been To Spain."

TWoP: That is my father-in-law's favorite song.

Greg: Yeah. So that'll be in there at one point. There's a Donovan song -- there's certain songs that I've tried to put in every episode, and they haven't gotten in yet. And it's to the point where the editors are like, [sarcastically] "Yeah, OK, I'll try Donovan there, this song 'Colors.'" But it is, it's my favorite part of the process, 'cause by that point it's almost -- the writing's over, the shooting's over, and you're just, you know, it's like you're sitting in your room listening to music. It's fun!

TWoP: How much time do you spend looking at reaction to episodes and to the series on the Internet?

Greg: Well, the only place I go to look at reactions to the series is on TWoP.

TWoP: Oh, you're just saying that.

Greg: No, I swear to god. It's the only place I go. Well, first of all, I'm not going to kill myself and look all over the Internet to see what the hell people thought of the show. But this is a website that was pointed out to me by a writer, Brad Copeland, who worked on Arrested Development. He doesn't work here anymore. But it was the first season of the show, and he told me about it. I'd never heard of it. And he told me about it, and my wife was having some kind of bingo thing at the house, and I was locked away in my room with a laptop, and I just thought, "Oh yeah, that website!" And I went on it, and I just read every post about Earl. And um, it was intriguing to me. And so, that is the only place I go to for feedback. And it's interesting, because sometimes I don't want to look, I'm like, "Ah, I'm not going to look." But it's hard, because it's like instant feedback. The show airs, and all of a sudden you just see what some random people across the country thought of it. And so it is very strange, because if they love it, they love that episode, you're like, "OK, cool." And then if they don't like the episode, you know, you get bummed out a little bit, but then you remind yourself, "OK, there's fourteen posts." A few more than fourteen people saw the episode, you know? And you also have to keep in mind that most of the people posting -- the people that are posting on the website are huge fans of the show. And they take it really, really serious. So when you do something like, Randy isn't afraid of a bird in an episode, and you've set up that Randy is terrified of birds, and they're just harping on the fact that like, that ruined the whole experience for them of the entire episode, where most of the country doesn't know, they don't remember Randy's scared of a bird. And of course, I have my own reasons for it. Randy overcame his fear of birds through his love of Catalina, when he held a chicken in an episode. So as far as I'm concerned, he's over it. But so, you want to, like, answer every single one, and go, "No, no, no! It's OK!" But, like, who has the time to do it? But I enjoy it. I just love the fact that people love the show and are so interested in the show that they'll get up and go to their computer and type about it. That's very cool.

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