Karma Time

by Daniel May 15, 2008
The Greg Garcia Interview

TWoP: You did set up a whole -- you must have been planning it for a while -- where you set up a user who then appeared on an episode posting at Television Without Pity, which all of Earl's fans on this site wet their pants.

Greg: They went crazy, which was fantastic, because I love, I love just pranks and that kind of stuff. And then to just sit there and just see, like, people going nuts, you know, when that happened, it was very exciting for me. I did enjoy that. I didn't have it planned that long in advance. I mean, I went on just for my own personal yuks. As soon as I found out about the website, I opened a username, and I posted once in a while. And if I saw it starting to get negative -- because these things have a mind of their own, sometimes, with the posting, you see it start to go, and then somebody comes on and does something positive, and then it starts. So I would once in a while go on there and I'd write, like, "What an episode!" You know? [laughs] And more, because I'd respond to somebody else and then people, everyone here knew that I was on there, so they'd read it and they'd laugh. The writers would look at it, and they'd laugh or whatever. So I was just entertaining people around here. And then, because that was just organically kinda set up, when we were breaking this story, and had this character who was just, all of his friends were on the Internet and stuff, that, it just kinda came out, and I went, "Oh my god, this is how -- I can really post this and set the whole thing up." And we had somebody else kind of set me up with a question on there, so I could -- so it worked out nice. It was a lot of fun.

TWoP: Yeah, people really liked it, because it was a bit of a poke at Internet obsessions without being mean.

Greg: Oh, yeah, that wasn't our intention at all, to be mean. Like I said, I just enjoy it. And when people don't like the show, that's fine. I think I went on there about a week ago. Somebody was just, like, "This show is awful. It's turned terrible. I'm writing it off." And you know, I wrote a little thing that said, "You know, take it easy. Just enjoy yourself. [laughs] Perhaps this is no longer for you!" That's the one thing that does, like -- if somebody just repeatedly comes on and writes about, like, how much they dislike the show... at a certain point, you'd think they'd just stop watching and then stop posting. It's like, I'm allergic to peanuts. I don't go on a peanut website and talk about how they make me sick all the time. It's just not for me, peanuts.

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