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Earl arrives at his mom and dad's after getting a call from his dad that they can come and pick up all their old stuff. Turns out they have to buy it back at their parents' yard sale. That is so Earl's dad. $64.73 is the price he's asking for all of it. It's basically a basket of trash, and one puppet that is giving me Franklin flashbacks, which are always a good thing. Turns out it's Randy's puppet, Milo, who always tells the truth. He immediately says, "Hi, Earl. Remember that time you got real drunk and pooped in bed?" Okay, so toilet humor or not, this could be a hilarious plot device (although, doesn't Randy sort of tell the truth all the time anyway?). Turns out Earl never really liked Milo. What a shock!

Joy finds a game at the yard sale where you roll a ball into different holes that say "Genius," "C student," "Dumbass," etc. Joy used to play it all the time and was called "the ball genius," a name that took on a new meaning in seventh grade. Um, show? It is 8:30. Kids are still watching. Possibly even seventh-graders. Anyway, Joy wants it, but Mr. Hickey is charging $3.25, to which Joy responds, "What?! Might I remind you that I am the mother of what you thought for a brief second was your grandson?" Carl: "Four dollars." Beau Bridges really is awesome in this role. I'm not going to say it's the best thing he's ever done, but I can't remember the last time he entertained me like he does with this character.

Anyway, Joy pockets the game. Darnell asks her what she's doing, and she assures him she's not stealing it; just holding on so that no one else buys it, and soon the Hickeys will beg her to buy it. She walks off and proudly says, "Ball genius!" Darnell's like, "Is this really what I signed on for?" Yeah, sorry, dude. You kind of did.

Randy (with Milo sprawled over his shoulder) has a more serious dilemma: trying to decide between the fun lawn darts or their "more practical" baby teeth. The lawn darts are this episode's prop to trigger Earl's List memory. (I love how he's sort of like a Rorschach test with this List; what item will Earl see this week that will draw him back to the list? Will it be the baby teeth? Milo the puppet? Nope. It's lawn darts.)

Back in the 1980s, Kathy and Clark Clark (really) were the Hickeys' neighbors and best friends. Clark Clark is trying to tell everyone else about MTV, but he's like, "Have you seen the short film on this music television video channel?" Ah, the '80s: People were so dumb then. He's talking about "We Are the World", if you're wondering. He even gets teary about how they're all "harmonizing for humanity." Yeah, Mr. Clark? We have Angelina Jolie and Bono to do our humanitarian work now. We are so much better than the '80s.

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