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Two Grand for a Hoochie Dress?
OK, all that stuff I said before about Angie maybe being a Janus operative? Well, I'm taking all of it back because now she's telling Tom/Raymond's wife to go surprise him in "Portland" to spice up their marriage. He's going to be in Mexico, so needless to say, there's going to trouble in paradise for Tom/Raymond shortly. I hate that I hate Angie, but I really, really do.

Trumble interrupts Mavis and Raymond's debrief to tell him they have "a situation." He pulls up a photo of "Lance Dietrich, chief architect of the D.O.D.'s cold fusion program" on the screen, and tells them he is missing. Mavis is alarmed, and Trumble reasons that it could be an accident, or it could be that he's "turned." Against Mavis's objections that she can't elaborate on to Trumble without risking Edward's life, Trumble pulls Raymond off the nuke-in-Mexico mission and puts him on the missing Dietrich case. So Henry's on his own in Mexico. Oh, sweet Jesus.

Back from the daddy-daughter mall trip, Edward leaves Henry a smug voicemail about how he took care of the dress situation, and makes a sarcastic joke about how exciting his life is. I wouldn't be so smug if I were him, because a) Ruthy seems to hate the dress, and b) Angie is as pissed as she is capable of being (read: not very) because the dress costs $2,000 and besides, it is a "hoochie dress!" And say what you will about that robot, but she definitely knows from hoochie. The thing's hot pink and strapless and gross and I'm pretty sure it was inspired by Paris Hilton. Henry, surprisingly quick on his feet, says he thought it was $200, and Angie gets all immediately understanding about how she knows he must be stressed out at work, but that he needs to not be so stressed out that he accidentally spends $2,000 on a hoochie dress. Back off, Angie! It's fall TV season! I was so stressed out the other day I accidentally spent $50 on gimlet mixers! Lime cordial is very overpriced in NYC.

OK, this next scene is hysterical. Henry hurries into his study, locks the door, and leaves Edward a threatening voicemail about how he can hurt Edward back anytime he wants. Then he breaks his own pinky with a giant novelty key. I'm dying.

Mission time! Edward is flying high and getting ready to parachute into Mexico, when, guess what happens? GUESS! Henry shows up out of nowhere, and Tony has to talk him through the jump remotely. There hasn't been enough Tony in this episode, by the way. And, like the shopping scene, we don't get to see Henry jump, which is a real bummer.

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My Own Worst Enemy




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