My Own Worst Enemy

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Two Grand for a Hoochie Dress?
Raymond confidently strides into Mavis's office asking where his gold star is. Mavis says it will have to wait because Tony's still analyzing Chu's SIM card, and besides, Raymond's got Tom troubles - his wife waited for him in Portland all night. Raymond is absolutely terrified, and runs off to fix it.

He goes home, clearly as Tom, and explains to his wife that the meeting was moved at the last minute, and that he was in Seattle. He called her seven times! His explanation is intercut with scenes of Tony supplying Tom's brain with his stories, which Tom wholeheartedly believes. Tom's wife is crying, Tom is convinced he's falsely accused, and I'm obsessed with Mike O'Malley.

Edward arrives in the inexplicably bright yellow marketplace in Mexico, awaiting the exchange. He calls Mavis on his cell to let her know he's meeting with the clients. Mavis and Trumble stand over Tony's shoulder as he attempts to put the six million in Gael's account, but wait! There's a problem, because the account is on hold, awaiting another transfer of ten million dollars from an unidentified depositer. Somehow, Gael did not see this coming. I would be annoyed by that, but I mean, the guy's even dumber than Henry, so I'll let it slide. They quickly identify the money as coming from the FSB, and even quicker realize that the ten million dollars is the Russian bounty on Edward's head. I'm just overjoyed that they've finally switched from saying KGB to FSB.

Back to Edward in the marketplace. We pan up and see that a sniper has his target set on Edward, awaiting go instructions, when a bus drives in front of Edward and whoa! Edward has disappeared! It's OK though, because he just ran off to take a Mavis call. "It's a trap," she tells him, and Edward embarks on an improvised escape route, which involves some chasing, about two seconds of Edward martial arts moves, and culminates in Edward throwing together a handmade bomb in a soda bottle that takes out most of his assailants. Alright, that was awesome.

Gael pulls up and tells Edward to get in. Edward points a gun at him, like, no way, you set me up. Gael says he's knows he set him up, just get in! Edward's like, welp, good enough for me! And hops in. Gael says Edward was right about the sting in Bogota, so he will reward him with the nuke schematics, free of charge. Because I told you about the sting? Edward asks. Kinda, Gael responds, but mostly because of that awesome parenting advice you gave me that was totally better than six million dollars! Alright, that was retarded, but at least Henry did something right in telling Gael about the sting. Yayyy Henry.

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My Own Worst Enemy




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