My Own Worst Enemy

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Two Grand for a Hoochie Dress?
Janus conference room. Mavis and Tony tell Raymond that Theresa Chu's SIM card revealed that she is a Chinese spy, allegedly killed in action four years ago, which is when her love affair with the missing D.O.D. man miraculously started up. She's on a flight to Beijing tonight and Raymond needs to get there before she does, which means he has to cancel his date with his wife. Which he does, as Raymond, so he's totally cold and insensitive about it, which is just so awful. After they hang up, Tom's wife calls a private investigator. We then cut to her meeting with him, explaining she wants to know what her husband does on his business trips. Eep!

Well, one thing he does on business trips is get caught by Theresa Chu, who is currently holding him at gunpoint on a rooftop in Beijing. Double eep!

Spivey Manor. Henry is watching Edward very defensively explain that Henry didn't do crap to save the mission and that it was all Edward and Henry shouldn't be too proud of himself. But, to thank him for not completely screwing up, he did something nice for him.

The something nice turns out to be buying a brand new fridge, which Angie is super psyched about. So they don't have two grand for a hoochie dress but they do have two grand for a brand new fridge they could have just fixed for 150 bucks? WHY IS SHE SO WEIRD?!

Anyway, Angie and Ruthy exchanged the hoochie dress for a tasteful one that Ruthy actually likes, so Henry goes up to Ruthy's room to check it out. Ruthy is happy with her new dress and happy to see Henry, but she's freaked out about Edward's meeting with Garcia that she witnessed at the harbor, because Garcia was... kind of deformed a little bit. OK.

This prompts Henry to decide to go to the F.B.I. after all, to save his family from the horrors of Edward and Janus. Unfortunately, the F.B.I. agent is a Janus plant, sent out by Janus to test Henry's loyalty. Since Henry has miserably failed this test, "Agent Banks" arranges a meeting with Henry out in the middle of nowhere to execute him. As soon as Henry spills the beans on Edward and Janus, Banks pulls out a gun and seemingly shoots Henry, but we pan down and see that someone has actually shot Banks. And look who it is! It's Skinner! Place your bets now! I say she's C.I.A. See you next week!

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My Own Worst Enemy




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