My Own Worst Enemy
That is Not My Son

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Sacrificial Lambs and Sideline Ho's
The mission: "Paula" will drive up to the lab facility and distract the guards by pretending to give birth on the sidewalk a little bit, giving Edward time to bust into the facility and extract Raymond and Dietrich.

Paula does her thing and Edward breaks in undetected, disabling all guards in his path with non-lethal ammunition (surprisingly?) and/or some sweet Karate moves. Edward quickly finds Raymond, who is in a cell being electrocuted by one guy and one guy only. Henry takes care of that guy, frees Raymond, and they go off together to find Dietrich. Dietrich, being a nerdy guy in a short-sleeved button down, agrees to go with the two scary men holding guns. Also because there was practically no one guarding him, either.

Paula beats the crap out of the guards at the front gate as Raymond, Edward and Dietrich run up to the getaway car. The non-unconscious guards behind the gate start shooting at them, so of course this is when Edward starts to feel Henry coming on. Henry arrives, freaks out, Paula gets shot in the chest a couple times and Henry catches her on her way down. He calls for help through his comms, identifying himself as "Henry Spivey! THIS IS HENRY SPIVEY!" right in front of her as she's passing out, with no thought to that or who might be listening on the other end, like saying "This is Avenger" or "This is Edward" would have just been impossible to think of quickly, or like this situation is something that could possibly happen to Henry at a time when he's supposed to be Henry. I love Henry, but he really is the village idiot on this show.

In her office, Mavis asks Henry and Raymond what Paula heard. Obviously, if Edward knows there's a chance Paula may remember Edward calling himself Henry, he will just kill her to eliminate the risk to him. Henry can't deal with that, and tries to appeal to them both to keep it from Edward. Mavis says Paula is one of her operatives, and Henry should know the lengths she'll go to to keep her operatives safe. Raymond, on the other hand, bluntly points out that Paula ratting Henry out would be good for him; he could go back to being an agent instead of a babysitter. But, since Edward saved his life, he will help him eliminate Paula if he asks him to. He boldly says this in front of Mavis, who either thinks he's full of shit or is afraid of him or something, because all she says to that is that she cut out their comms before Henry broke cover, so Trumble didn't hear Henry's freak out. He is still suspicious, however, but more importantly so is Tom's wife, since he's been missing for two days.

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My Own Worst Enemy




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