My Own Worst Enemy
That is Not My Son

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Sacrificial Lambs and Sideline Ho's
Raymond leaves to see Tony about fixing the Mary situation, and Henry implores Mavis to post guards outside Paula's hospital room. Mavis ignores that, but calls Skinner's thugs into her office, and tells Henry that Paula's husband thinks they were victims of a run-of-the-mill carjacking and that he should go to the hospital to comfort him.

Raymond is in Tony's "lab," where the latter is uploading detailed memories of an affair into Tom's brain. Raymond sets off to set-up some incriminating photos with a fellow operative at an outdoor café. Mary's P.I. snaps away in the bushes, so it seems the ruse has worked.

Henry goes to Paula's hospital room and sells her husband on the carjacking story. The doctor tells them both that Paula may have suffered brain damage, but that they won't know the full extent until she wakes up. Henry glances away and notices Skinner's thugs, one dressed as a janitor and one dressed as a doctor. So Mavis did order those guards for Paula.

Spivey Manor. Henry is watching Edward's video about Jack being a liar who plays hooky from guitar lessons. Henry gets all huffy and immediately records a rebuttal, saying Jack is a teenager, and all teenagers lie, and that Jack is his son, not Edward's, so just stop thinking he can lay any paternal claim to him whatsoever. Oh, and speaking of liars, he then lies that everything was a big success in Beijing and there were no problems at all! It was amazing! Best mission ever! No one's hiding anything or anything!

Cut to Edward watching the video after hours at AJ Sun. He heads straight for Skinner's office, where she is burning the midnight hour, alone. Apparently no one works late at AJ Sun, because he says Skinner put herself at risk killing the watcher before closing her office door. He thanks her for saving his life. Skinner ignores the thank you and spills the beans about Paula hearing Henry break cover, but that since she's still in a coma they don't know yet if she remembers it.

Hey, remember the weird lie detector test, where Edward told her he doesn't have a girlfriend and he's never been in love? Apparently that was an elaborate scheme to get him to discuss their relationship, because now they're making out. Even though he told her not two days ago that he doesn't love her and doesn't consider her his girlfriend, two things that are clearly pretty important to her. So she's one of those women.

Henry wakes up the next morning in Skinner's bed, naked and pissed! He sneaks out while she's in the shower and commences walk of shame (on a week day! Tramp!).

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My Own Worst Enemy




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