My Own Worst Enemy
That is Not My Son

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Sacrificial Lambs and Sideline Ho's
Back to Spivey Manor, where of course Angie has only a passing interest in where he's been all night. He offers a lame explanation that she automatically accepts because, as we've established, she is a robot.

Henry changes the subject by confronting Jack about his guitar lessons. He gets all teenagery and defensive, saying they wouldn't understand, but if they want to see where he's been going after school all this time, show up at this address tonight at eight. Does his mother push this issue further? Of course not, and why would she? Wouldn't you want to be surprised? Least. Believable. Robot. Ever.

Tom gets off the elevator to AJ Sun, where he finds a furious and crying Mary. She has the private investigator's photos of the affair in hand. She starts grilling him about the affair, and Tom answers her questions, as we see cuts of Tony supplying him with the memories. Mary walks out on Tom, saying, "You make me sick." Tom is devastated, poor guy.

Skinner's office. It's time for Henry's weekly session. He feels guilty about everything: lying to Paula's husband, secretly hoping she doesn't wake up so he'll be off the hook, getting her shot in the first place. And he doesn't get why people like Edward, either. All he understands is self-preservation and sex! This morning he woke up in a hotel room with a cheap floozy and he had to sneak out the door while she was in the shower! Cut to Skinner being relieved that it was Henry who walked out on her, and not Edward. Oh no. I think I officially hate Skinner. Nooooooooooo, but Saffron Burrows rules! OK. When these things happen, I'll just try to focus on the time she dumped a guy in a corrosive agent instead.

It's eight! Time for Jack's secret after-school activity recital. It is some form of martial arts that involves metal rods, and he is really good. Like, insanely good. The sparring is very intense and Henry freaks out, finally admitting that maybe there is a little bit of Edward in his son after all. Even though his son is Asian. Just saying.

Personally, I don't see what the big deal is. Angie loved seeing her son fight a complete stranger in a very dangerous sport that he lied to her about for months on end while wasting her money on guitar lessons he didn't go to. You know, like anybody's mom would. Jeez, Henry. Lighten up.

Tom and Mary are in couples counseling with Skinner. Tom says he'll begin to earn Mary's trust back by checking in more frequently on business trips and inviting her along every once in a while. Skinner convinces Mary that she needs to let Tom earn his trust back because he's actually earned it, not because he thinks there's a P.I. looking over his shoulder all the time. Mary agrees to fire the investigator.

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My Own Worst Enemy




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