My Own Worst Enemy
That is Not My Son

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Sacrificial Lambs and Sideline Ho's
Skinner reports the good news to Mavis and Trumble, when Tony shows up to report that Paula's woken up from her coma. Skinner says she'll go talk to her and report back, but Trumble insists on hearing the report firsthand. To the hospital!

Henry beats them to the hospital and finds that Mavis's guards are gone, and even worse, Raymond has shown up to kill Paula at Edward's request. Tapping into that sporadic quick-thinking he sometimes has, Henry pretends to be Edward, saying he already killed Paula and that Raymond can just go home. Raymond is skeptical, but he buys it. They leave.

Trumble and Skinner arrive after them and have Tony put Ellen to sleep. Paula tells them Edward called for help during the mission and indentified himself as Henry Spivey. Trumble looks accusingly at Skinner and says Edward is broken.

Back at Janus, Trumble tells Mavis and Skinner that he's put elimination protocols into effect for Edward. Mavis mildly objects but is quickly shot down. Skinner says she'll begin gathering Edward's mission files and retreats to her office.

Once there, we see her actually calling up Paula's mission files on her computer. Wow, she is seriously devoted to Edward, despite what an asshole he is. That Hummingbird thing is no joke!

Skinner takes a hard case and some other vague computer-y equipment to Paula's hospital room and lies that she's going to put her to sleep until she recovers.

Edward arrives at Janus. Skinner's thugs surprise him at the elevator (do they just wait there all day all the time for the people they're supposed to escort places?) and escort him to the Situation Room, where Mavis and Trumble are waiting for him.

Edward tells them they're making a big mistake [terminating him]. Trumble coldly explains that termination isn't so bad, they'll just wipe out Edward's existence in Henry's brain entirely, so it's "Not death. It's just the end of this life." Oh, is that all? That's basically death, as far as Edward's concerned, considering he will cease to exist after the procedure.

The goons grab Edward and start to haul him off to Tony's lab, when Paula walks in, having a conniption of epic proportions. She tells them Paula is not her name, and starts waving a gun around, calling Mavis and Trumble "twisted" for all the terrible things they did to her and made her do. Edward takes it upon himself to do some verbal judo to talk her down, and is able to close in on her and grab her gun. Ellen starts crying and freaking out, and the goons decide to haul her off to Tony's lab instead. I know this is Skinner's doing, but I'm still not entirely sure what she did to Paula or how, so I'm just going to decide that Skinner is a witch. You can't tell me that makes less sense than anything else we've seen on this show.

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My Own Worst Enemy




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