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Sacrificial Lambs and Sideline Ho's
Once she's gone, Mavis brilliantly plays along, saying, "Paula must have accused Edward to disguise that fact that she was the broken operative." Hee. Alfre Woodard played that perfectly.

Well, Trumble's convinced! Because apparently there's no way two operatives could possibly be broken at the same time or anything! Witch hunt adjourned! He apologizes to Edward again for doubting him. Edward tells him an apology is not necessary, and walks out.

Mavis and Tony, in Tony's lab. Ellen has to be terminated while she's awake for the procedure to work, and she's terrified and screaming and her brain is getting sucked out by Tony's memory suction helmet. Mavis is somehow able to tune it out enough to wonder out loud why Skinner puts her ass on the line for Edward all the damn time.

AJ Sun throws either a welcome back party or a going away party for Ellen, I can't tell which, seemingly in the middle of the night. Henry walks around taking in the party, while Edward's latest voicemail plays. He's injected them with a "completely harmless" "nanovirus" that will be activated and kill them both should Janus ever try to eliminate Edward. "We're in this together, so don't get any bright ideas." Gah, these two. They remind me of middle school. But with nanoviruses and cooler cellphones.

Up next week: Angie's (maybe) a spy! A spy for the invading robot hordes! I knew it!

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My Own Worst Enemy




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