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Secrets, Secrets Hurt Someone

Edward manages to enter the house without having a conversation with anybody, which is the first time anyone's been able to that all mission, and reports to Raymond via comms that the "target is isolated."

Cut to Edward riding shotgun in Raymond's getaway sedan, with the German target hilariously yelling and banging around in the trunk. These two ignore the noise, opting instead to spend the car ride arguing over op tunes. Edward does not like Raymond's selection of easy listening, so he puts on some classical. I'd love to talk about German terrorist kidnapping playlists all night, but Edward's got that creeping here-comes-Henry feeling in his brain, so he makes sure Raymond has turned his comms off. He has. He also gets a death threat from Edward, well... kind of. If Raymond ever has the urge to tell anyone that Edward's Henry chip is on the fritz, Edward will push Tom down a flight of stairs, and here I am, confused again. In the last episode it seemed that Raymond's cover was a conventional cover, with Raymond just simply pretending to be Tom when he needed to be normal. It didn't seem like he had a Tom chip, so if Edward tried to push Tom down the stairs, wouldn't Raymond be able to defend himself? Or is Tom the same as Henry, aware of his badass alter ego, but unable to switch back to him at will? That must be the case, but I am in need of some clarification, show!

Henry arrives, and Raymond explains the situation they're in. Henry hears the trunk screamer and loses it, shouting that kidnapping is wrong! You can't do this! Raymond's like, yeah, cry me a river, puts his easy listening music back on and floors it. I think Raymond just won me over.

Henry and Raymond step off The Elevator to Spyland back in L.A., and since I bitched last week about not knowing what kind of agency these two work for, it's dawned on me that there isn't any Yay, America! crap adorning any of the walls (flags, an official seal of some sort, framed photos of Dubya, etc.) that there likely would be if it were a government agency, so I'm tentatively going with independent organization. Good, bad, neutral, we've yet to find out, however.

Raymond is really annoyed, greeting Mavis with a short, "Fix him, or put him down," right in front of Henry, who is like, "Hey, I'm not a dog!" Mavis tells Henry they're working on it, but for now he's gotta pretend to be Edward in order to stall "Trumble," who apparently calls the shots around here and who is played by the awesome James Cromwell, in his first MOWE appearance! Welcome, sir! I loved you in Babe!

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My Own Worst Enemy




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