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Secrets, Secrets Hurt Someone

Trumble tells the trio "the attack" is looming, and that time is sensitive. He also admonishes Henry, who he thinks is Edward, for disappointing him in last week's episode Moscow. He would not care to be disappointed ever again. Me either! In all seriousness, this seems like a very real threat to both me and Henry, who looks like he's about to throw up.

Cut to a very cool and blindingly while interrogation room, with the German guy restrained in a chair. Mavis and Henry are behind the two-sided glass in the other room, where Mavis is informing him that Trumble is not "the boss," but that he's "one of them." She places comms in Henry's ear and tells him he has to listen to her very carefully while he's in there with the prisoner.

Henry wearily walks in to the German's German protests, taking a moment to look around the room at all the beautiful neon torture liquids and tools. He is in way over his head, so it's time for a commercial break.

Mavis puppets Henry through the interrogation, but the prisoner is not budging, saying he isn't a terrorist, and knows nothing about any attack on London that's being planned. Mavis tells Henry to inject the prisoner with these scary red darts, because it's "what Edward would do," and we see that Trumble is watching a feed of the interrogation (but not hearing Mavis's end, don't worry.) Henry can't bring himself to torture the guy, so he tells him to sit there and think about it for a while or he'll come back and stick him with the red darts.

He re-joins Mavis in the other room, who surprises him by saying he did well in there, despite chickening out on the torture part. She thinks Trumble bought it. Henry tells her that he can't go back in there, that he isn't Edward, and that he just doesn't believe that he was created 19 years ago. He remembers being a child and refuses to believe that his memories aren't real. Mavis brushes him off, saying, "Is there anyone in your life that you have known for more than 19 years?"

Henry is sitting on the floor of his house going through all his old scrapbooks and photos, looking for his childhood home movies. His wife comes in and sits down next to him, saying she booked a hotel room and shipped the kids off to a sitter for later that night so they could do more of what they did "the other night," and she says it so pornily that it can only mean what she and Edward did the other night, which annoys Henry a whole lot. Poor guy. She gets up to leave, saying if he doesn't feel well, he should go see a doctor and Henry goes from "I hate Edward!" face to "Lightbulb!" face.

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My Own Worst Enemy




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