My Own Worst Enemy

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Secrets, Secrets Hurt Someone

Henry, anxiously waiting in a hospital lobby, is greeted warmly be a doctor who we soon find out is an old college buddy of his. Henry cuts the smalltalk short by telling him he thinks somebody put something in his head. Oh, that doctor is so toast. We also take a short detour to Mindy Sterling, who calls Mavis to tattle on Henry for being AWOL. Mavis is disappointed in Henry, and sends a team out to nab him.

Henry's none the wiser and getting a CT scan from his doctor buddy, who thinks he's lost his mind. He tells the doctor discretion is very important, and asks him if there's any way he can report the scan to the insurance company as being for something other than his brain. The doctor is like, umm, yeahh, no, and we cut to Mavis and Tony tracking Henry down via neon glass computer walls.

Back to Henry, riding the bus and making phone calls to everyone he's known longer than 19 years, and one by one discovering that they do not exist. Jesus, that would be devastating. Again it just can't be said enough: poor Henry!

He notices a tough character walking towards him and gets up to move away, but a mystery passenger sprays him with mystery juice. Henry clutches his heart and crumples to the floor in pain. Attack of the Zombie Cucumber!

Posing as a paramedic, Raymond extracts Henry and puts him in an ambulance, where a no-nonsense Mavis is waiting for him in the episode's opening scene. She tells him he can either accept that he's a part of a "covert sleeper operation" and play by her rules, or she'll let him die. He chooses the former, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't. Henry has the worst life ever. Alfre Woodard, on the other hand, is amazing, and I just realized I haven't said enough about her performance on this show.

Mavis and oh thank God, Edward, step off The Elevator to Spyland and make their way to the interrogation room, where the German is still strapped to that chair. Talk about cruel and unusual. Edward confidently strides around him with one of the red darts in his hand, explaining how painful and horrifying they are, a fact which the German will become intimately acquainted with soon if he doesn't give up his terrorist baddie buddies' headquarters. He gives Edward an address, and Edward stabs him in the neck with the dart, saying he'll take it out once he gets the real address. How'd he know?! Spies are psychic!

Seemingly some time later, by the effed up looks of the German, Edward goes into the other room to take a call from Henry's wife, who reminds him about their dirty hotel plans and we are assaulted with Edward's "I'm not sending you back any time soon" line again. I mean, honestly, can you imagine your significant other responding to "I love you" with that all the time? So annoying. Why doesn't she say anything? Is it what Henry says? This is literally keeping me up at night.

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My Own Worst Enemy




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