My Own Worst Enemy

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Secrets, Secrets Hurt Someone

Inside the club, Raymond is acting natural and making his way to the bar. The two baddies are still at the bar, living it up, so Boy Scout makes his way up some stairs and we suddenly cut to him scaling the windows outside the club in plain view of everyone inside who somehow don't see him, and he dangles on down to a lower floor, which he breaks into through a window. This must be where all the computers live.

Raymond clears the room and gets to work, freezing the hard drives and tapping in, when Henry sees the two baddies coming straight for him on the surveillance feed. Henry sees two gunshot flashes come from the computer room's window and doesn't get a response from Raymond, so he decides to go in and wing it, which is terribly brave. And stupid. Bless his heart.

He makes his way to the roof and finds Raymond's zipline still set up, but takes one look at it and decides it's way too scary, opting for pulling the fire alarm instead. It's a pretty smart idea, as it gives him a reason to be in the heavily guarded stairwell, and in the chaos he's able to slip into the computer floor. That's some straight-up spy-thinking, Henry! I'm so proud I could burst.

Upon entering the computer room, Henry discovers that Raymond has more than taken care of one of the baddies, but is struggling with the remaining one. Henry kind of cowers in the back, trying to think of something to do, when Edward swoops and beats the living hell out of Raymond's sparring partner. Chokes him with a phone chord too! Mission: Accomplished!

Spivey manor. Angie has gathered the whole family 'round to watch Henry's childhood movies. Edward is about as interested as the kids are, but there's a nice moment where Henry/Edward's daughter asks him what her grandmother was like, and he pauses for a moment and says, "She had your eyes, actually," like it's just hit him like a ton of bricks that Henry's children are his children too.

Edward takes this opportunity to run from his feelings into the kitchen, where he mocks poor Henry's lame beer selections and is confronted with Angie's very gentle and not nearly urgent enough questions about a CT scan insurance claim. Seriously, I'm not being an ass here -- Madchen Amick is a good actress; there has to be a reason why she's playing the character this way. Maybe Angie's a robot! Maybe she's a Janus employee too?! Maybe she's a rival spy! Something in the milk ain't clean here. Anyway, Edward is now hep to Henry's CT scan ruse, so outlook for that doctor just got even worse.

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My Own Worst Enemy




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